Wondering... How could I trigger an effect on a character in another scene?

So, I have a scene in a forest area, and a separate scene which is inside a building. I have a quest that starts in the forest, but once it is obtained, it needs to change the dialogue of a character who is in the separate scene. I tried changing the entire prefab’s dialogue, but I was unable to get that to stick. Is there any way I could make a cross-scene reference?

I looked online and found other people wanting to make cross-scene references, and they were all told to use DontDestroyOnLoad, but I just don’t know how I could implement that using the dialogue triggers we have here.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

You don’t have to do anything to the other scene. The dialogue is only evaluated when it’s active. If the player gets the quest, it doesn’t matter to the dialogues in any other scene. It’s only once the player is in that scene and activates that dialogue that it check if the player has the quest and based on that information it follows the path that requires the quest.

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