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I have been working on a game of my own - Arcane Annihilation - and posted a discussion on the unity page:

But, I was fiddiling around with the mage / wizard I was using for it. I made a very nice scene with him, which took surprisingly long to render…

This was actually the first time modeling a face for me! I also made some new types of trees that are pretty fancy in my opinion, but I couldn’t get them in my scene :slight_smile: Also, I got some practice modeling ordinary things like rocks, grass, a book, and had some fun with the robe and staff! :smiley: Anyways, what do you think?


How long is “surprisingly long” ?

Great stuff! I love low poly scenes like this. Can’t wait to see more characters from you.

You could give a go at uploading the .blend to sketchfab, and we’ll be able to spin it around for ourselves and have a look at all the things!

Usually, 50 samples takes me under an hour. This took me 1.5 hours!

I’m not really well versed on modeling terminology. Samples, as in 50 static renders of the same scene?

Increasing the samples basically removes the sort of static effect. As you can see, his image is quite grainy. There are other ways to reduce this grain effect but the easiest way is to increase the samples, and as you said, it will basically render it over and over again. But depending on the complexity and lighting of the scene, it can get pretty demanding on the number of samples you need to entirely remove that effect.

There are other tricks, such as better lighting, changing some settings, etc, but I don’t know enough about that to talk about it effectively.

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Thanks @McFuzz! That actually was quite informative. :cookie: Here’s a cookie!


Yes, I tried going for 300 samples, and after about an hour, it was only on its 2nd or 3rd square, so I reduced it down to 50 to spare time, and hoped that people wouldn’t mind. :wink:

Nope I don’t mind. Have you thought about trying the sketchfab previews on the forums?

Haha, I never knew those existed! Thank you! Here is my Sketchfab link: :smile:


Hey bro, here try @GamedevCala 's intstruction so it’ll show like in this link.


I like the look, reminds me of Lego’s.

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Yeah… tried to go for a very simplistic design, with all the joints detached, and just add on from that basemesh. As you can see, there is a bit of distortion going on in the back of the head, but other than that, I like it as well! :smiley:

To be honest, I didn’t even notice it until you pointed it out. What about an attachment point for something, Like a half cape, but would that look right with a robe? Not sure though, just an idea.

Not sure what you mean by that… do you mean, like, to add a cape of some sort to cover it up?

Yup, spot on.

That’s not really necessary. I would have to add cloth physics, while still being attached to the shoulder, which I don’t really know how to do yet. It would be much easier just to weight paint it. :smiley: But, those distortions don’t actually appear in the game, so I don’t think I really need to do it at all.

A very simple cape is pretty easy to keyframe for just a couple of movement directions and actions, but consider adding a backpack full of scrolls or more elaborate shoulder stuff to cover it up. These things happen; even pro’s cheat.

There’s also some sort of dealio going on with his belt.

Love the arms and hands, though! Limb style is fantastic.

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Oh, I just noticed the problem with the belt! :smiley: Thanks for pointing it out.

If I were to add something like a cape, or backpack full of scrolls, It would just be for visual effect. This model was not really meant to be freely posed - if it were, I would’ve spent a lot more time weight painting and, yes, maybe if it came to that, I would add a cape of some sort. But, this model was made solely for the purpose of the game I am making. All the animations are made, and I have already fixed the distortions with them. So, for the time being, I don’t think I want to add anything more to him. Maybe when the game is completed and I’m looking for ways to improve it, yes, I think I may do something like that.

Also, looking around at the model again, I did notice that the fingers - especially the the thumbs - are a bit out of place. But, I’m glad you like it! :smiley:


How very cool and retro man I love the grass and the rocks Awesome :grinning:

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