Wire sphere Gizmo not clipping to the terrain in Game view

I’ve got a small issue with the gizmos in the Game view. In the Scene view the wire sphere gizmo clips at the terrain. In the Game view it doesn’t which makes it a bit harder to interpret where the sphere is. The only thing I can see in the docs that seems related is 3D icons, and that’s checked in both Scene and Game views. Not a big deal, but if somebody knows what I’ve done to get gizmo clipping turned off in the Game view, please let me know.


Got the same problem. I didn’t find how to fix it. If anyone else get the same issue, I’de be interrested as well.

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+1 after almost two years.

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I got the same issue here, but can it be because of the version of unity? I’ve been trying to see if there is some kind of setting in unity, but haven’t been able to find any fix for this

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