Win10 x64 / VS2022. Choose "Win32" target platform

Hey all. Just a quick share. I spent a fair while following this video because I followed all the steps in order but they didn’t work for my setup (in title).

Spacewar is Win32 project and my VS2022 had defaulted to x64.

Hopefully I am correct in saying that (as after doing all the steps regarding DirectX SDK (or I actually used Windows SDK NOT DirectXSDK). So after all I just clicked “Win32” in the drop down above the coding window. Now it is Build=Success :smiley:

To clarify, I don’t think it was needed at all for me to do the DirectX SDK (I did Windows SDK instead). Nor did I need to do any ‘Linking’ in the config settings. I only needed to change it to Win32 and build was then ok.

Hi Clunk,
The project works as both 32-bit and 64-bit without issue. It really doesn’t make any difference. Given most users have 64-bit operating systems these days, I would probably opt for that.

As it happens, it looks like they’ve fixed up the project so it builds without a fuss. The original project was for Visual Studio 2010 and had build issues. I’ll let Sam know and perhaps we can get the video updated.

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For me, it never worked on x64. But I will go back later and try it again. Yes other than this it all worked straight ‘out-of-the-box’ :smiley:

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