Wich is the best way to animate a tile?

Basically, I want when someone falls onto the mushroom, it performs an animation as if it were bouncing. What is the best way to achieve this?
I know there are animated tiles, but do they not run continuously? How would I do it in the case of the mushroom, which needs to animate upon collision with the player?

Hi Leito4G,

Have you already tried to apply your current knowledge? What you describe sounds like a solid concept. I would suggest that you try to follow the logic.

The first step is to log a message into your console when the player falls onto the mushroom. Once that works, the rest is relatively easy.

This could also be helpful:


Bear in mind, though, that the Tilemap does not necessarily provide a solution for your specific problem. If you cannot solve it with a Tilemap tile, you could simply use an animation like you did for the player.

See also:

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