Why will YOU persevere with this course?



I’d love to hear your reasons for persevering with the course? What do you hope to create? How are you going to get through tough times?


I want to learn the necessary skills to create a portfolio using UE4 and C++ to apply for jobs :slight_smile:
If things get tough I try to take a break following the course and try to udnerstand the parts where I struggle. Mostly happens since I am not too familiar with having a bigger component structure or physics (I am decent at math, especially 3D geometry and always shocked how little I know when it comes to physics)


Hi all,
I’m hoping to understand how to use c++ and unreal to create a simple game for myself.
Using this community to help me when I get stuck with unreal as I am new to the unreal world. I’m hoping unreal will solve lots of problem that I find hard ie physics, geometry and collisions


I always wanted to learn C++ .

I will make a cover-shooter/RPG. It’s going to be a commercial game.

I might not have the best advice for tough times, I simply never stop.
But taking a break is the best help. Letting the brain rest getting enough sleep etc.
This is something I had to learn the hard way. Now I make time to rest and I still have to remind myself that it’s necessary.


Hi all :wave:

I’m taking this course to expand my “knowledge portfolio” into something I don’t have day-to-day experience in. I’m hoping to learn basic game development skills and pickup some best practices for game design and Unreal development. I don’t have any expectations on what I’ll be create but hopefully it’ll be in an 8 bit style and cool :sweat_smile:

When it times get tough and I feel like slacking off or I’m sick of working on something, I’ll usually take a break and watch devlog videos to see what others are making. That usually inspires me enough to say “I want to build cool stuff too!”


It’s my dream to be a Game Designer and work with the best developers in the industry! I’m sticking with this course because my goal for this whole year is to focus on mastering unreal and C++. I really want to beat on my craft and get good at solving problems in C++ and moving through the interface of Unreal like a pro. I have a schedule and deadline for what I need to achieve before I move to California in October of this year (2019). I will keep pushing through so I can live my dreams and so what I love.

I hope to create my first game using Unreal!


I’m hoping to take the skills I learn here and transition from 3D artist to tech artist. They do cool stuff and always seem to be in demand everywhere.


You got this Zachary!