Why will YOU persevere with this course?


I’d love to hear your reasons for persevering with the course? What do you hope to create? How are you going to get through tough times?

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I want to learn the necessary skills to create a portfolio using UE4 and C++ to apply for jobs :slight_smile:
If things get tough I try to take a break following the course and try to udnerstand the parts where I struggle. Mostly happens since I am not too familiar with having a bigger component structure or physics (I am decent at math, especially 3D geometry and always shocked how little I know when it comes to physics)


Hi all,
I’m hoping to understand how to use c++ and unreal to create a simple game for myself.
Using this community to help me when I get stuck with unreal as I am new to the unreal world. I’m hoping unreal will solve lots of problem that I find hard ie physics, geometry and collisions

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I always wanted to learn C++ .

I will make a cover-shooter/RPG. It’s going to be a commercial game.

I might not have the best advice for tough times, I simply never stop.
But taking a break is the best help. Letting the brain rest getting enough sleep etc.
This is something I had to learn the hard way. Now I make time to rest and I still have to remind myself that it’s necessary.


Hi all :wave:

I’m taking this course to expand my “knowledge portfolio” into something I don’t have day-to-day experience in. I’m hoping to learn basic game development skills and pickup some best practices for game design and Unreal development. I don’t have any expectations on what I’ll be create but hopefully it’ll be in an 8 bit style and cool :sweat_smile:

When it times get tough and I feel like slacking off or I’m sick of working on something, I’ll usually take a break and watch devlog videos to see what others are making. That usually inspires me enough to say “I want to build cool stuff too!”

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It’s my dream to be a Game Designer and work with the best developers in the industry! I’m sticking with this course because my goal for this whole year is to focus on mastering unreal and C++. I really want to beat on my craft and get good at solving problems in C++ and moving through the interface of Unreal like a pro. I have a schedule and deadline for what I need to achieve before I move to California in October of this year (2019). I will keep pushing through so I can live my dreams and so what I love.

I hope to create my first game using Unreal!


I’m hoping to take the skills I learn here and transition from 3D artist to tech artist. They do cool stuff and always seem to be in demand everywhere.


You got this Zachary!

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I aspire to work as a programmer in a AAA studio. I already know a good level of C++ for that reason. I have already published 2 small 2D games with Godot on the Google Play Store.
I now want to move over to 3D and expand the complexity of my projects which is why I want to learn Unreal since it the industry grade engine.
I have some 3D games in my mind which is want to complete and successfully put them out in the wild for people to play. These will help me in creating a good portfolio of projects to show off to employers.


hey everyone im here to learn more about programming video games show my ideas ,create and maybe do a portfolio.up for the challenge to stay positive and never give up. we can all do it.

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I’ve had this course in my udemy catalog for more than a couple years. I’ve attempted it, and made decent progress twice now, this being my third undertaking. Where as in the past I was eager, excited, and even passionate, I was not disciplined to truly understand. I did not take enough time, or focus, almost just “cramming” the knowledge. Now, although it’s only been a short amount of time, I believe I’ve seen the results of what a mild amount of discipline can do. I’m ready for the challenge.

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I want to further my existing C++ skills and translate those skills into a product that I can share with the world


I started this course on the suggestion of the Audio Programmer as another way to learn C++. Before the course I didn’t even really know what Unreal was. Now I’m thinking about changing my focus from audio software developer to technical sound designer and audio programmer for games. Persevering because this is some of the most fun I’ve had programming. Course has been great, I’m about 75% of the way through Battle Tank. Can’t wait to finish the game so I can tie Wwise into Unreal and do sound design for a game I programmed :smiley: Looking forward to the new material.

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One thing i always wanted to do is work in the game industry,
I think this course will help me stabilish a career since unreal is such a big engine and c++ is a tough but good language to learn.
I don’t give up on any challenges and the challenging part of this course only draws me in, being so, i believe this course is gonna be the first step in the right direction

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I’m a young kid almost 13 and I just enjoy creating mini games and so far have created only a few with C. I want to learn to make games with unreal and c++ too. When things get tough I will take a small break to just relax. I will also ask questions on the leaderboard or stack overflow to help with errors.


I’m using the course because I always wanted to make games which combine platformer mechanics with shooter mechanics, which are my two favorite game genres. I’m a professional junior software developer in the Java world, but one of my dreams is to one day work at a game development studio and take part in the development of a professional game. By playing around with the Unreal 4 editor for the first time I feel like making a 3d game isn’t out of my reach and I’m hoping this course gives me all I need to make great free games, but also build a portfolio which will one day allow me to get a job.

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I want to learn advanced c++ so that some day i can become an experienced software engineer. And what better way to learn that through making games. I also want to create games that other people can have a fun time while playing them. Games that mainly focus in narrative, because the way i see video games is that they are interactive movies that can tell a story far better than any other media.


Hi there,

I’m here because I want to make games people enjoy playing, and I want to gain more experience in C++ and project development. I think this course will kickstart a great creative outlet for me and I think it’s a cool way to build up some real world skills. When things get tough, I’m going to take a minute to remind myself why I wanted to do this: because I like games and I want to make games other people enjoy. I’m going to find some motivation, or take a break to give myself a bit of thinking space, or ask around to see what I’m missing and how I can fix it; and then I’ll keep working, one step at a time.

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I’m trying to develop marketable job skills, at this point I’m not where I would like to be career wise and so I’ve decided to take steps to fix that for myself and decided learning to code would be a place to start.

Also, I would like to start working on games that are more in line with my interest.


I am an already active developer who hasn’t had any professional experience in game development. Game development is something I’ve found I am passionate about and I want to apply for a game dev job ASAP. Good luck to all the other students!

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