Why is the SDK extracted into the Project folder?

Hi, at around 0:35 on the video, Sam shows a different folder structure to usual on his Project and states that the Steamworks SDK is extracted into the Project Folder.

Does this need to be done on every different project or is it not part of the Engine Third Party Libraries? I had trouble connecting to Steam but eventually I downloaded and copied the SDK into my Engine folder, but it seems I never have to copy any files into projects I make for Steam, they all connect without the SDK in the project folder.

Can anyone explain the full process for if someone starts with a freshly wiped PC, where they need to extract the current SDK to? Thank you for any help.

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Don’t extract in the project folder - anywhere else will do. At some point the SDK was included as part of Unreal so you can do this to get a feel for how Steam Multiplayer works but you can just watch and do nothing. The Steamworks SDK has been a nightmare to build in the past but the latest version (don’t use 1.49) compiles without issues.

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Excellent thanks for clarifying.

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