Why does OnOverlapBegin and OnOverlapEnd work?

I almost understand delegates, but in this case i’m quite confused with the not overriding of this functions, OnOverlapBegin and OnOverlapEnd. We declare this functions and his dozen of parameters but we never use these parameters. And its not overriding, not virtual, not override, and not Super::OnOverlapBegin. Is actually an upper base class function being called when someone generates hit in derived class?

Thank you.

PD: Okay, I think i dont take account of this part. But, in this case, can’t we omit parameters in our two declared methods?


PD2: I’ve been diving in the definition of OnComponentBeginOverlap and delegates doesn’t work as I thought. I think I will learn only how it is used, for now.

In a nutshell you’re registering a function to be called when that event happens. I really think you don’t need to know beyond that.

Unfortunately, C++ never allows us to omit parameters.

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