Why does my replication logic work with a different Pawn?

I’ve been following along with the Networking lectures to synchronize and setup server/client replication. Everything that Sam has done to the GoKart I was following along with my own Tank class.

Everything has been working great.

However, that is my confusion. My default pawn in the project I’ve been using is BP_FlyingSaucer derived from FlyingSuacer.cpp

All of my replication code and logic has been in Tank.cpp.

FlyingSuacer inherits from BasePawn and Tank inherits from BasePawn.

How is it that my FlyingSaucer pawns have been replicating their velocity and position on the client/server when the logic for replication is ONLY in Tank.h and Tank.cpp?

Never mind! :slight_smile:

What was happening was the Authoritys were updating the clients using the flying saucer, but the clients’ flying saucers were not updating the server!

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