Why cant we make a transition TO 'any state' in the animator?

Whats the reasoning behind it? Because i find myself alot in situations where it would be infinitely more helpful than making ten transitions from a single animation to others

‘Any State’ is not a state. What would you animate there? The reason you can’t transition to it is because it’s not a state. It’s just a point used by the state machine to say; “if this transition triggers, it doesn’t matter which state I’m in.”. Other transitions will only work if the animation is currently in a specific state. For instance, if I’m jumping I can transition to landing. No point in transitioning to landing if I’m idle, or running. But dying can happen from any state. So, that transition can happen from the ‘any state’ point.

i meant like if im climbing up a ladder and i want to jump off the ladder then transition to jump animation or if i just want to get off it then transition to idle or if im holding the arrow keys then transition to walk. Basically transition to any state from the climb animation

Yeah, I know what you mean but like I said; ‘any state’ in the animator is not a state. If you were to be able to transition to it, where would you be? jump, idle or walk? There’s no way to tell. You have to transition to a specific state.

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