Why are YOU excited about version control?

I’d love to hear where you’re from, what your background is, and why you’re taking a course on version control?

Hi Ben, my name is Jay and follow your course from germany.
I am excited about version control because it makes the review of changes a lot easier.
SVN is already familiar to me and the reason i follow the course is to expand my knowledge.
After the course i hope i can work as confident in GIT as i can in SVN.

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Thanks for sharing, and for getting the ball rolling… I’m sure a lot of other people will share their excitement soon.

Hello Ben, Im Lloyd Risper and i’m following the course from the Poconos, i have been programing in many different languages and i have been using VC a little bit without fully understanding it, Im taking this course on VC so i can fully understand what i’m doing and why i’m i doing it.

Lloyd Risper

Hello all,
I’m actually excited to take the Git Smart course because after 3 rounds of seeing videos about VCS in other courses, I was no closer to understanding the subject matter than when I didn’t know such software existed. This course is allowing me to really get a good look at the process and how it works. Thus giving me a vastly improved understanding of how to use VCS and how it can help me with my projects.

I really wish I’d found out about this course a week ago! @ben I hope you will go into the old courses and add a pointer to this course for people who are struggling like I was.

Virgel (aka Caprica’s Kirito)

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That’s a very good idea, thanks

I am excited to be taking this course because it’s something I should have learned about years ago! I love the idea that it will allow me to be more creative and branch off to try different ideas without worrying about losing what I’ve done so far.

I am also very pleased to be taking the course with gamedev.tv because I know Ben will have broken it down into manageable chunks that I will be able to do in between the rest of my responsibilities.

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