Why are YOU excited about version control?

I’d love to hear where you’re from, what your background is, and why you’re taking a course on version control?

Hi Ben, my name is Jay and follow your course from germany.
I am excited about version control because it makes the review of changes a lot easier.
SVN is already familiar to me and the reason i follow the course is to expand my knowledge.
After the course i hope i can work as confident in GIT as i can in SVN.

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Thanks for sharing, and for getting the ball rolling… I’m sure a lot of other people will share their excitement soon.

Hello Ben, Im Lloyd Risper and i’m following the course from the Poconos, i have been programing in many different languages and i have been using VC a little bit without fully understanding it, Im taking this course on VC so i can fully understand what i’m doing and why i’m i doing it.

Lloyd Risper

Hello all,
I’m actually excited to take the Git Smart course because after 3 rounds of seeing videos about VCS in other courses, I was no closer to understanding the subject matter than when I didn’t know such software existed. This course is allowing me to really get a good look at the process and how it works. Thus giving me a vastly improved understanding of how to use VCS and how it can help me with my projects.

I really wish I’d found out about this course a week ago! @ben I hope you will go into the old courses and add a pointer to this course for people who are struggling like I was.

Virgel (aka Caprica’s Kirito)

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That’s a very good idea, thanks

I am excited to be taking this course because it’s something I should have learned about years ago! I love the idea that it will allow me to be more creative and branch off to try different ideas without worrying about losing what I’ve done so far.

I am also very pleased to be taking the course with gamedev.tv because I know Ben will have broken it down into manageable chunks that I will be able to do in between the rest of my responsibilities.

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I am excited to be taking this course because I need to get another perspective of git workflow to consolidate my understanding. And because I didn’t know which parts from my unity projects are good practice to put under version control.
One of my hard drives died and all my unity projects with it :sob: Which as not be the case if I was using git and Github :sweat_smile:

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Oh man… I’m restarting this course on my next weekend from work.

I have finished the first two 2D games and had also finished the first two 3D games. I was concurrently working on Argon and RPG Combat System classes like a fiend with a laser focus.

I was in the middle of Rick’s ‘Get a job in the games industry’ class and I was contacting a comedian/writer friend about helping me write something like a ‘Kyle is Famous’ with my CYOQ.

I was making cats with booster rockets and planning level design for my Project Boost polish.

Etc, etc, etc…

…and then…

…my computer decided it desperately needed an OS reload.

I backed everything to my Seagate 2TB external but it failed.

I had only gotten to the part of the Git Class to learn how to make a local repo. Hadn’t even learned how to retrieve yet.

I’m using Linux Pop!Os from System76 so I can’t follow the course exactly. I’m using Git Kraken (I call it GitSquid) and it’s taken me some frustrating attempts to understand if I’m doing it right and so on…

I’m back in the middle of Argon now and I’m on a schedule to finish my 3D class soon. If I had made online repositories, I wouldn’t have lost everything.

Ardour files. All of the music I made…since 2015 (my previous External HDD failure). I can try to spend hours playing CSI trying to crack my old hard drive, but I’d rather spend that time making games, learning how to specialize in player controllers, and writing new songs.

That’s why I’m going to blast this class out on my next weekend off work.

Thank you! I yield my time.

My Name is Paul, And I am currently in the middle of taking the unity 3D course. Although you cover it at a very high level in the course, I have had more than one occasion where i have had to redo my entire project. (Great for learning! but not so much my patience). I saw this course and thought lets go get a better understanding.

Hi Ben,

I’ve use scm in the past while working for a large oil company to track changes with the macro’s that I was writing for their excel sheets. This was geesh 15 years ago now. Anyway I’ve got it in my mind to create a video game and wanted to eventually do a large project. I was thinking git would be a good option. I think the one I had used in the past was turtle svc. I had learned a little about git on a Udemy class I was taking and I came across this course as part of the humble bundle and well that just ended up being very convenient.

Look forward to learning more about git from you.

Have a wonderful day!

Okay, I’m not done yet. I’ve learned a lot this week. My Toshiba 2TB that I got to replace my Seagate 1TB (…correction, it is not a 2TB as mentioned in the previous post…) crashed on me a couple of nights ago. I had just finished Argon and was on about Lesson 6 of the old Realm Rush, plus I had about 11 new BGM tracks started. My Toshiba stopped being recognized by the computer.

To make things even more funny, I had already completed the PRI lessons of the PRIRP triangle, but I never got to the point of making a remote repository…I think mostly because the payment structure for private repositories was different back then…or maybe I just really wanted to focus on finishing my class after the loss of the Seagate 1TB.

So, I learned:
EXT4 is the chosen file format of Linux. I never reformatted either of my hard drives because I didn’t realize how unstable NTSF was on Linux systems.

I learned how to make a remote repository.

I ordered a 4TB external to use as a recovery drive. It should arrive tomorrow. I expect it will take about 20 hours to format to EXT4.

I tried using ddrescue on my Seagate and Toshiba, to no avail. I ran a disk repair on the Toshiba at the risk of losing everything and I got lucky. The repair worked.

Disk repair did not work on my Seagate so I lost all of that stuff.

I formatted the Seagate 1TB and it took about 6 hours. Then I moved my recent Argon and Ardour files over to the Seagate 1TB and started formatting the Toshoba 2TB to EXT4. This will take about 10 hours.

All of this because I didn’t watch that next video about making a remote repository. Seriously.

I’ll format my 4TB when it arrives tomorrow, but then I need to start over again on Realm Rush. Those files didn’t get recovered.

So…I don’t want to mess with my computer during the 20 hours I’ll expect it to be formatting that 4TB. I won’t be working on my games for a day or two.

Guess what I’m going to do AS SOON as I start my Realm Rush files AGAIN?!

I hope nobody in here has to go through this. I’ve lost so many days that I could have been doing course work instead of mucking about with this mess.

This course is a MUST for anyone who is serious!