Where is the missing lecture for the Quiz game?

Hello. I am doing the quiz game now. I searched the forums and could not find this topic. Early on in the quiz game, the instructor tells you to do something with the question/answer objects to make them more streamlined. He says that he will show us how to do this later, but he never does. He continues the course as if you already know what to do. My quiz has a bunch of question/answer objects, but the answers to the questions are not showing up because I tried to guess what he did and got lost. Can you help me? Thanks.

Hi Battleganz,

In which lecture are you?

Gary reads and displays the data from the QuestionSO objects in lecture ‘For Loops’. If you watched that video but your answers do not appear in the game, there might be a typo in your code. Have you already compared your code to the Lecture Project Changes which can be found in the Resources of this lecture?

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