Where is the course?

I didn’t see a link to this course on here, and I tried searching for it within Udemy, but I couldn’t find it there either. How can I access the course?

Oooo the anticipation :slight_smile:

It is under construction for release shortly :slight_smile:

Can we get a hint about about what this course is?

Okay, I was wondering since I already saw boards for specific lecture chapters and thought that meant that the course was already up. :slight_smile:

Hi @Emicarn, pretty sure it’s this one, listed under the Voting link above…


Thanks @Rob for that!

Looks interesting. Another unity course for my collection to finish eventually. LOL

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hehe, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Do you have an expected date this will be available?

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Course is out =P

It’s seems it’s a wip but already 4 hours of content

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If wanting to take it, get it before Dec 24 for the discount! Even if not much is there yet.

Enrolled! Yay! 2nd student apparently :laughing: I’m guessing CS got there first. There’s not much there yet as @CS_Creations mentioned , but I have a lot of other stuff to work through in the meantime. Including the The Complete Blender course. I’m still excited though.

It says it’s a private course and asking for a password. Unless the course is only open to those who backed the kickstarter right now.

Gosh you guys are quick :smiley:

The course is under going beta testing a refinement before its launch, some of you managed to sneak in super quick as we were making it “private” whilst we fix any major issues.

The course is being added to and refined- during this process we like to keep control of the flow of student so they know what they are expecting, especially when videos are being edited daily- it can be confusing to new comers other wise!


Don’t worry :wink: I just snuck in to put it on my pile. I went through the first section to hear what the planned outcomes might be but I know it’s not ready haha

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Evil! :slight_smile:
Guess I"ll wait for the official announcement to throw money at you. LOL


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When the course becomes publicly available I’ll definitely put it on my wishlist.

@Michael_Bridges Picked up the course yesterday and finished what was there, very useful information so far. I assume this is still being added to as the last section suggests continuing to the next section.

Do you have a road-map you can share about how long the course will finally be and what will be covered?

Great question.

It will be a mix of ideas we have an pull from the community too.
Broadly speaking things next on the Radar for the course:
Modular Models
Shape Keys
Armature and animations

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Hi there Michael
I will suggest a video to prepare a model in Blender with the necessary components to make it “toon, cartoon, cel” shaded in Unity. Have not seen a clear video on the net for how to do that. Those stylish games stand the test of time more than “realistic” graphics. (sorry to suggest here, been looking around and have not seen where to give suggestions.

And thanks to all the team, I have learned so much with you guys.

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I created my little banana car already. Please hurry and make this public. This stuff is SO necessary. Wtth Blender and Unity3d together you get a completely free tool chain. The only thing I wish I could see is communication of animation sequences, moving all the way from Blender into Unity.

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