Where are you from? What's your experience?

Hi there, I’m Cesar from Mexico. I’m about to enter my last semester in my digital arts degree and heard some great things about this course from a professor. I’ve always been very interested in game development, particularly when it comes to character art. Still, I felt it was important to have at least some basic understanding of all the math and code that actually goes into making a game. The last experience I had with math was calculus in high school. I also have a little bit of coding experience from javascript in high school and a bit of Unity experience from college, but both are very rusty.

My name is Samuele and I’m from Italy. I always struggled with math since middle school, but this hasn’t stopped me from trying to pursue my ambition to become a Videogame Developer; but since this task require to have some good knowledge of math, I bought this course on Udemy and I hope to get better at math so that I can become a real professional someday.

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Welcome to the community Samuele. I hope you find this course useful.

Hello everyone,

My name is Olivia, and I’m from the United States.

I’m an aspiring programmer enthusiast.

I was thrilled to support the math course on Kickstarter and receive a bonus physics course for the following year. I’m also intrigued by delving into the “gmfu meaning,” and I’m hopeful that with Ben’s guidance, we can learn a great deal and apply this knowledge in developing applications and games.

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