When I'm painting trees they appear pink?

Hey there

This is the issue im getting.
I have tried downloading multiple tree packages and they all appear pink?
Did i break a settting?
There was something about HDRP when I imported the first package “Terrain Sample Assets”
needed “fixing”? so i clicked “fix all”
then it imported this also:


Not sure what do to now :smiley:

It also turned the whole background very dark

Any way to fix this?

Hi Nayshal,

Welcome to our community! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the free assets seem to be incompatible with the HDRP and URP. They were created for Unity’s built-in render pipeline.

Here is an instruction how you can set the built-in render pipeline in your project:

Maybe you’ll have to delete the assets from your project folder and reimport them.

Did this help?

See also:

I managed to restore everything to the original settings, the terrain map turned pink though, not sure yet how to adjust that, i will just start over, thanks though, i understand more about this now, and can look further into this topic.
The weblink helped a lot, thanks!

I also saw this, so will have to do some research.

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