What's your favorite board game?

Mine is Pandemic Legacy by far, swiftly followed by Exploding Kittens.

Admittedly they are the only two I’ve played :wink:

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Go! If that even counts? :slight_smile:


twilight imperium

its a fantastic game. takes forever though, the last time me and my buddies played, the game lasted abouit a month a half. and we did some constant sessions every weekend of a few hours each

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Dead of Winter is unbelievably good and you never have the same experience twice. Another game a friend recently bought that is looking like it will be as good as DoW is Cosmic Encounters, both games I could play for weeks on end

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I have way too many to pick just one favorite. Here’s just a few, in no particular order:

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Battlestar Galactica by a long shot.

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Long time no see Noise, missing you in Clash of Clans… trying not to start again!

All about Pirateer or Talisman any day. Unfortunately they don’t produce Pirateer anymore but if you ever come across a copy I highly recommend.

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I am looking forward to Twilight Imperium IV in the worst way.

Some amazing games here. I have a really huge soft spot for Catacombs 3rd Edition, love Pandameic Legacy to pieces (SEASON TWO IN A FEW WEEKS! AHHHH)

Picking a favourite board game is tough. There are so many to love!

Can’t say I’ve ever played Twilight Imperium. I don’t really have a group that are willing to sit down for that long (i only get Arkham Horror out once a year for that reason).

Pandemic is one of the best games I own, since everyone I know likes to play it. I’m really looking forward to getting Pandemic Legacy.

Carcassonne is my wife’s favourite and I’m quite partial to Munchkin.

There’s also a crazy game called Killer Bunnies in the cupboard that I should probably get back out at some point. I used to love it but there are too many expansions in there to teach new players and I’m too lazy to separate it all out.

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I’m keeping it very low-key in CoC at the moment! Finding that I spend far too much time doing CoC rather than anything else because it’s just too easy to pick up and play!

I’ve kind of drifted away from Munchkin over the years, mostly because the “Take That” mechanic (really what it’s called) can sometimes feel like there’s no way to have an informed choice. Used to play a LOT of it though.

I don’t think the base game was too bad for it, since you can still counter when your opponent tries to screw you. Provided you played it smart you could usually avoid a crushing battle.
It definitely seemed to get hard to avoid with the expansions though, so we generally just play with the base game + dungeons expansion.

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Very intrigued by Gloomhaven, if it ever falls below £100 I may have to pick it up. Anyone played it?

Not me! I keep mistaking it for Gloom, which is a completely different game.

Awesome engagement guys!

For those of you who haven’t used this forum before, why not try creating some new conversations in #board-games.

If you need more sub-forums once it hots-up, we’ll create them :slight_smile:

Give it a go, make the place feel like home.


I would like to see Battleship!

I see your Battleship and raise you Captain Sonar!

That would rock, seeing torpedo’s going to the other side of the battleship game. have some halogram on your side to show if you hit his ship(You sunk my battleship) exciting stuff.

Favorite game at the moment would have to be Lords of Waterdeep. My wife and I play it about once or twice a month and it is fun every time. We just got Dead of Winter, so looking forward to giving that a go!

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