What's your favorite board game?


Lords of Waterdeep is a lot of fun. I’ve still not gotten to play Dead of Winter, but it does look all manner of awesome


Cosmic Encounter, Lords of Waterdeep, Eldritch Horror, Last Night on Earth…there’s more, but those always come to the top of the list.


Ooooh, Cosmic Encounter! Good pick


Just my two cents of fun; Catan, “Koehandel”, Cartagena, Take 5, Royal Turf, Carcassonne, etc.
I have a long list :wink:


Current board games I am enjoying with the family is “ticket to ride” and the classic game “Clue.”


I think my favourite board game would have to be Talisman, or its futuristic, more GW related Relic. The game I am currently looking forward to playing is Doctor Who Time Of The Daleks which has not just a central board, but an increasing amount of mini boards that get revealed as the game progresses… and it’s Doctor Who, somwhats not to love.

I also have been a tabletop wargamer and many years ago was able to field about 13,000 points of Chaos Dwarves. Recently I started that venture again and am currently creating a Death Guard Chaos Army.

I also think the simple fun of Cluedo, or Clue is also a favourite.


I can totally see how Talisman/Relic and Doctor Who would link to Warhammer 40K - lots of big, epic moments there!