What will i build?



Hi guys!, my name is Marti and im a graduated on the ENTI university of Barcelona. The name of the degree is Noves tecnologies interactives and it was focused on teach how program on c++, c# and other lenguajes, how to make 3D models, how to animate, what is the game design and how to make it correctly, and a lot of other things. On my 4 years on the degree, i focused on how to program correctly on UE4 and unity, how to optimize the game, how to model my own characters and escenarios and how to give us live.
On my last year on the degree, i had making a game and , after 1 year of production, i made a pre-alpha.
Now i making my oun business and i have two ideas on my mind (one of this, is fins financing for my first game)
I take this course few days ago because i need to learn how to make a real time based videogame.
Finally, the game that i make, is a tipe of real time shooter, 1vs1, 2vs2 and 3vs3.