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Hi Nick here, what I’m building is pretty straightforward, a fighting game with multiplayer so that means it’s session based multiplayer. I’m part of a small team of developers currently focusing on the core gameplay, but I want to learn about making multiplayer before we get to that point in development.

Ive been working on a space mmo for about a year now im 1 person and designed it from scratch in my spare time atm with my checklist im almost at the 1/2 mark, i have alot of the networking done as i only use json/php/mysql to run the persistent saving but have not yet thought up or tryed a persistant world. i just finished designing a basic star system using our solar system , item/merchant/skills/crew/ and quest systems. i need art i suck at art, i dont really want to try art either. i kno mmo is not recommended for a first game but i have no passion for anything else. i dont have a programming back ground sense prodigy and hacking the chat with proggies lol. but i modded the unreal engine sense 1998ish before the ut gold release. ive played games (mmo) sense then as well and lately i feel even with the new tech noone has made any decent grind quality games after they ruined star-wars galaxies or lineage 2. im tryin to make the game anyway i can and as free as possable till i have a demo. srry my spelling and grammer. so gimme free art !!! :stuck_out_tongue: haha

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