What will i build?

I can already hear Sam bracing for impact as i post this but i may yet surprise him.

I’m a hobbyist, I have come to accept that fact and actually enjoy it more this way as i found that i also enjoy helping other succeed in their goals in making games as well.
My background in games is mainly from first person shooters (perfect!) and also mmorpgs (not so perfect and stop it Sam lol!). I however am electing against going with an mmorpg due to exactly the reasons Sam mentions in this video.

So a bit more background. I go to a game night every week and its just a group of us playing car wars or dungeons and dragons, If it happens that a person cannot make a session we revert to steam controllers and pick up multiplayer.
However this presents us with an issue. If you look on steam for games with LOCAL multiplayer for more than four players they are few and far between its mostly 1-4 players. As you can imagine our group can reach 8 people and so we are having to switch out players like the old days of two controllers!
This is unacceptable to me and i am learning towards racing games (YAY karts!) and other maybe 2d fight style games like brawlhalla and the such. (the latter may be better done in unity)

So this is me.
Local multiplayer for up to 8 players.
Turn-base game would also be potentially fun to make although obviously not local players.
First person shooter well i did that in shadow stalkers and tbh i think looking back it wouldn’t take a lot to convert it once Sam imparts his wisdom!

What diificulties to i forsee?
Getting things to work right accross the network with interpolation and syncing was a right nightmare as update broke a lot of code i was using in unity and trying to figure out how it worked took a good long while. I did create bot wars successfully although again that was another issue with IK (I hate IK!)

Really looking forward to diving in!

By local multiplayer, do you mean multiple computer over LAN or split screen? I hope the former otherwise you will all be squinting like mad! (or you have MASSIVE TV)

Also, no reason you can’t go down a MOBA route or something with an MMORPG feel but more session base. But obviously FPS is Unreal’s bread and butter.

Hey Sam,

By local multiplayer i mean by like a single screen game but multiple players on the same screen.

Basically any game like (thinks of the clean ones) totemori or micro machines (but nowhere near as complex)

Basically games where you can grab your steam controller hop over to a mates and join up with 8 people on one screen.
There are games like this on steam but mostly only 4 player and no idea why as there are 8 players.

I suppose it is space for UI but some games achieve it so how and how best to achieve :slight_smile:

We do play on a 45inch tv on a wall though (My pc is currently hooked into a 42inch tv too)

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