What will I build

I have been attracted to game development since I was 12, but it wasn’t until I was 16 that I managed to write my first finished game. At this time, I was studying the Python language, the game was written in it, in one of the local departments of the Yandex school (Russian IT company). My game won a game contest from Yandex across the country and I was offered to make a session game about a tank war for a college in my city. I suppose that during the development of the game I will begin to understand working with the network and this will give me an boost to develop myself.

My main idea is to develop an mmo game for which I have a lot of ideas. I guess my game doesn’t have to have a large audience to begin with, as a similar game in my country developed with 10 players in the beginning and is doing great now. By the way, at first it was a mod for Minecraft game, and then it grew into an independent game.

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Hi and welcome to the course.

Sounds like an interesting idea and I hope this course helps you develop it further.

Enjoy and I hope we can of help.

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