What will I build: Strand Game

Ultimately, I’m interested in building a strand game. Strand games weren’t included in the multiplayer category slide!

Strand is a genre coined by Kojima himself and named after Death Stranding. It is characterized by a potentially large number of users only interacting with one another indirectly. Dark Souls and Animal Crossing are strand games too. A player may never actually see another player, but by interacting with the environment, they can impact each other’s experience. I’m interested in more or less single player experiences, but I believe this level of multiplayer can add substantial depth to a game.

I’ve been developing in Unity for several years, but since about a year ago, I’ve switched to UE4. I’m currently working on more core features for my game than networking so I’m likely to toy around with other multiplayer genres before I get to multiplayer in my main project.

Happy to join GameDev.tv.

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Thanks for sharing. I’d never heard of Strand games but it does make sense.

How are you finding transitioning to Unreal from Unity? I personally found it trickier to use but more professional in its appearance and general output quality.

I hope you enjoy the course and Welcome to GameDev.tv

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I felt like people around me thought I was crazy for switching platforms to start a new project. I already knew one, why kill a lot of time learning another? I had reasoned through the decision, but to be honest, I did not know just how good of a choice UE4 was at at the time.

From top to bottom, I found UE4 to meet more professional expectations and I could see better engineering decisions behind it. I was very skeptical of Blueprints and went in thinking “I’m a programmer; I don’t need any wimpy visual programming language.” Quickly, I realized that for prototyping purposes BPs really made a lot of sense and as I became more familiar with them, I found them to be extremely well designed, implemented, and extensible with C++. That was my experience with UE4 overall: learning each new system and being very impressed with both the UX and solid engineering.

Over the years I’ve found Unity to be a little ramshackle and I’ve been frustrated now and then that I need to build certain solutions myself, that Unity doesn’t offer a solution or that what is available by default or on the asset store doesn’t cut it in some way. My experience with UE4 has been just the opposite. I can see the results of years of work put in by many teams of very smart engineers and some excellent collaboration with designers to make sure my development experience is positive and my results are of the highest quality.

In fact, if I could put my feelings about UE4 in a word, I would say just that: quality. I get the sense that at every turn quality was emphasized. I respect that and I’m more than happy to reap the benefits from it.

I’m actually, starting a new job working in UE4 next week. I only dived in for a personal project, but by now it seems like it’s blowing up industry wide, sucking in a lot of talent that was previously dedicated to Unity. My expectation is that UE5 and Metahumans will be major game-changers and having gotten in early will have its benefits.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

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This has been my experience with UE vs Unity as well. I started working with Unity and helped deliver a couple of VR training apps using Unity, a mix of WMR, HTC Vive and Cardboard - VR is easier to implement (or rather get going with) in Unity but vastly superior in UE.

Unity is actually quite good from the point of view of getting going quickly and is great for kids because it is in fact quite simple. Unreal on the other hand and BP in particular is easier for kids to follow and most early coding is taught using visual scripting these days - my son is learning via code.org which is exactly this. I reckon he’d pick up Unreal quite quickly.

It’s also easier to get a professional feel with less effort IMO regarding Unreal - texturing is so nice and materials are easy to work with and then Quixel Bridge and Mixer…the list goes on and on.

Good luck with the job. I hope you enjoy it.