What Will I Build? Recoil 2 :P

I am Srajan and I am 22 years old. So what will I build ?

  • I am planning to make the game from the previous course Battle tank and turn into session based multiplayer game. My motivation would be the game I loved when I was a kid, the good old game recoil by zipper .Its ok if you dont know :slight_smile: . The game was kind of futuristic single player tank game which was awesome.All those transformations of tank were great especially the hover and submarine tank :slight_smile:
    Here are the screenshots for the Recoil game which was released in 1999.


Well for the challenges I would talk about the whole game .

  1. First Challenge is the tank asset itself with believable graphics and animation.I am currently working on the tank movement and fortunately found an awesome plugin -

  2. The gameplay,AI,sound all those great things.

  3. And then the multiplayer.The main challenge would be to make online gaming interesting so that to keep players hooked in game .Also I have to know more about use of dedicated servers.

I would he hoping that i get joined by other community members while making this game :slight_smile: . Please feel free to ask questions.

Awesome stuff. Any reason you want to use dedicated servers rather than player hosted? It will end up costing you a lot.

Well I dont have any knowledge of multiplayer.Maybe because server would avoid cheating while playing.

Hi, I just wanted tonsay, that I sincerely support your idea if making a new recoil game. But please stick to the original idea as much as possible. 'Cause not only will you get even more support from the fans of this game (like me) but but also it will make it easier for you to create it. If i can help you with something, that does not involve programming or modeling, i’m at your disposal ^^

Well thanks for the support I will sure reach out if there is anything.I know the community is awesome :slight_smile: Currently I am working with the movement of the tank and a bit of AI.So stay tuned

Hey there again. I’ve found an old Copy of the original english game in an old DVD box and managed to run and fully play it through on Win 7, so its actually working. Call me an idiot, but I’m actually considering giving it to you since I also own another copy in my native language.
If you’re interested just PM me. Though I’m still not sure if it wouldn’t hinder you…

Thanks it will be very nice playing again the game but due to time constraint it will be difficult for me to manage.Again Thank you for being so generous and no you are not an idiot :slight_smile:

Wow, has it really been 4years? Damn.

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