What type of games do you aim to build with Unreal?

What type of games are you aiming to make with Unreal?

Do you plan on working solo or in a team?

Are any of you planning on creating games for multiple platforms?

Post your goals below! :grinning:

Games that I would like to make involve Adventure type titles, not opposed to anything else, I always lean toward Adventures and RPGs or JRPGs. Shooters would be fun as well.

One of the big things I am interested in is the Virtual Reality platforms. Developing for Oculus, Valve, Vive, PSVR etc. is a major dream. Utilizing SDK’s for the Haptic suit made by bHaptics is something that would be so unique and immersive adding into the various platforms and titles made in VR to create such a unique and immersive experience where you can just get lost in your gaming world. A small little escape from reality whenever you want, complete with haptics.

I am working entirely Solo.

In terms of systems, I plan to support

  • PlayStation
  • PC
  • Switch
  • iOS
  • Oculus Quesy
  • Oculus Rift
  • PSVR

I am just getting into Game Development for fun on my own time. It would be really cool to make an FPS game or a car driving game of some sort.

I am working by myself just for fun.

If I eventually use game development for something more serious, I might consider making games for multiple platforms. For now, my PC is fine.


I am a C# / Unity Developer, working with AR development (not games) in Luxembourg.
I want to get deeper into C++/Unreal, also in graphics programming.
For the moment, I don’t have any plans to develop any games in Unreal, that will be unrealistic. Still, I want to get a solid foundation on the Engine and C++.

On a related topic, I’ve just started a #100DaysOfCode challenge. If interested you can follow me on twitter.com/daltonbr I am studying #cpp, #OpenGL and how to construct a Game Engine with the support of one amazing developer, The Cherno!

If you want to go deeper into these topics, you should learn with this guy https://www.youtube.com/user/TheChernoProject
You can thank me later!

Tip to new developers: If you are new to C++/programming, I suggest that you start with the C++ playlist.


I am a novice new to the game development scene, kind of.

I’ve used “make your own game” programs all my life, like an old XBOX 360 game where you could make simple to understand games, or RPGMaker, or other things like that. I play a lot of pen and paper table top games since High School, and had interests in video games since I can remember having memories, growing up with “Legend of Zelda” on the N64, “Super Mario World” on the SNES, “Halo 3” on the Xbox 360, and so much more.

For now, I’m a solo dev wanting to make games to tell stories I have and entertain myself and friends. I’ve been looking in a new change of careers and I believe Game Development might be the path I want to try if for nothing more then the experience.

I’m looking at developing for PC.

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I am a medical student in Egypt and I am learning all this as a hobby on the side.
I have always loved playing games and dreamt of having my own game that my friends would play (and ask me for some unfair advantages, being their friend and all :sweat_smile:) I also wish to have something that might bring in some cash on the side, even a little.

I hope to one day be able to make a racing game, such as Need for Speed (Carbon, Most wanted and NFS World) since there hasn’t been any good ones since.

I am also very fond of RPG games and wouldn’t mind trying my hand in making one.

I am working solo for now till I am confident enough to join a team.

For starters I’ll be developing for PC

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I mostly lean towards first person or third person shooters, with an rpg element to them. I’m learning how to build games with Unreal, in an effort to learn about all the different components that make up a game. Also, to build understanding in how games are created, I’m using this to take a step towards trying to work for a game development company. I would like to make games for PC and Console, I don’t game too much on mobile, I’ll play a puzzle game here and there, but I primarily play on console.

I’m here primarily because I love playing games and wanted to discover how it felt developing them.(Which is amazing!!!). I plan to pursue this as a career in my future, but this plan may be a little far-fetched since I’m still in Grade 10. I hope to pick up Unreal before my school ends. BTW I wish to develop RPGs’ and also love playing them. Shooting games are fun to play but RPGs’ more fun to create and explore as a Gamer. I’m absolutely loving the new content.(I found the previous one a little tough for inexperienced people like me.) I felt awesome on finishing TripleX and finally felt I was doing something with my time. I hope to complete this course and am eagerly waiting for new content.

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I’m working solo and hope to make an intimate sports game for my portfolio.
Not really thinking about multiple platforms at the moment as there seems to be enough to do.

I’m just a russian physics student that wants to do some interesting stuff. I wish to see new age of RTS games someday (:

I have been working with code since BASIC. I created several programs over the years, but my real desire has been to make games. I am currently working solo, but am working to pull together a team. I realize that I will not be able to do this solo. Learning Unreal format and C++ will give me the beginning tools to get the basic game some flesh. I don’t plan on having a best seller game, but I am hoping that my friends and family will enjoy it. Small steps.

I am hoping this game will be a cross platform game. It is going to be a open world sandbox building mystery game. I am pulling the best features from many of the games I already play. It will also have a story line that has a purpose. Not just to have fun with.

I don’t have a super-clear idea of what I want to design but…

I must have been 4 or 5 years old when I would watch my dad or my brother play games like Zork or Stonekeep or Heretic. I was too terrified to play I could only watch. Moody, creepy RPGs that were slow-moving and forced you to eat like, cave fungus off the floor just to survive. Zork in particular I remember having this crazily involved storyline, and the game even came with a manual and a telephone hotline for when you got stuck on a puzzle.

So I’d like to breathe life into whatever that was again. Except hopefully with better combat because, years later I found out in Stonekeep you could evade every enemy attack just by holding down one of the direction keys and spin in an indefinite circle. :upside_down_face:

I plan on making educational games for the building industry (AEC). Have some ideas, but am trying to simplify so I can actually get something started and finished, and build from there.
Right now I am working solo.
Right now just thinking about PC, others can come later.
Used 3ds Max in early 2000’s, so have to get up to date with that. Learning different ways to market - YouTube, Patreon, website.
So lots of hats to wear. Not a big gamer, so have to learn how to educate, challenge and bring fun to it.

I have a list of things I’d like to try out, but my first project is going to be an rpg 4 player local coop party game. With random/procedurally generated themes (fantasy, scifi, modern, pirates, all-animals, etc), and from each theme, random classes for each player to choose from, with random enemies, random bosses, random loot, randomish storylines, with a targetted playtime of roughly an hour.

The goal is to have something kind of wacky (you know, like a party game), but also to have progression to a BigBad that you work together to defeat. Maybe with voting mechanics to have the players decide which path to progress down.

Modding in unreal seems… complicated to setup. But I’d like to try to design each of the core themes as individual mods, so other people can see how it’s done and quickly make others. Or so I can push out new ones periodically (similar to Slay the Spire’s daily climb).

I’m following this course with a friend. We want to create at some point a multiplayer first person sci-fi shooting game across all platforms.

I am planning to make a simple game for ios app

Hello all,

My name is Scott and I am aiming to start developing some solo projects while I am in school. My plan is to focus on multiplayer mobile games that I can play with my friends and add to my portfolio. Once I graduate I would like to work as a programmer for an mmorpg game. I have always had a passion for the mmorpg genre because of the vast amounts of creativity and interactivity that it enables.


My name is Kevin-Brandon Corbett. Everyone calls me K-B.

I am passionate about video games, stories and creating. I love bundling games and will one day open my own studio. I plan to help build Triple AAA games like Last of Us 2 while learning the ins and outs of how a video game studio works. I plan on working with a team. I am working towards applying at Naughty Dog. I am working hard everyday to learn the requirements you need to become a Gameplay Programmer. I am also building game concepts with C++ to build my skills and to experiment with the language and the engine. I plan to make games on different platforms in the future. The games I want to make are story driven games that care about the characters. I want to create games that leave an impact and hopeful improve your life in some way. I believe within every story is a glimpse of hope and inspiration even in the darkest and sad stories. Video Games make us feel happiness and fulfillment. They allow us to escape life and experience something extraordinary and fresh.

My goal is to become very good at C++ and Unreal.

My goal is to release a game in Unreal by December 2019.

My goal is to get really good at 3D Math.

I want to create the ultimate Sandbox open world realistic virtual world with jobs and no bots. Traffic policeman and robbers and everything realistic.


My name is Junius Jones.

I’m an Army veteran and former fitness professional, currently working in aerospace project analysis. My lifelong passion, however, has always been computer gaming. Through the foundations built in this course, I hope to create high intensity athletic virtual reality experiences and team-based MOBA style VR games.