What method are we overriding with RefreshServerList?

In this lecture we’re setting up the server list to refresh itself and Sam creates a function for that:

void RefreshServerList() override;

At least on UE 5.1 the compiler throws an error about not actually overriding any base method.

On the github I can see that it is still declared in the same way.

I had already wrapped the refresh functionality in my own method (triggered on press of a dedicated “Find Sessions” button), is there a point to putting it in that specific RefreshServerList method name? I wasn’t sure if in future lectures that gets called by built in interfaces in the Online Subsystem or something (if it was intended to be overriding something).

(I suppose if that really were the case, we’d be calling Super there, but we’re not – at least not yet)

I believe this is in the interface. Look at the header in github and you might find the class is inheriting from it.

I don’t have access to the source at the moment but you’ve missed a step somewhere.

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