What Laptop are you using?

I’m sorry to side track but what type of laptop are you using that gives you 4000 fps… I got a recently suped up lenovo legion 5 with RTX 3060 6GB, 16GB of RAM, M.2 drives and i’m only around 300-400 fps.

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Hi donyd,

Rick and Gary use a PC, not a laptop.

Furthermore, the those increadibly high fps values are more or less irrelevant because the fps value in the stats window is not accurate, and a “normal” monitor can render images with a framerate of 60-120 (depending on the screen). That’s a hardware limit we cannot and should not change.

If you plug your power chord in, you might also notice that the framerate is higher than if you haven’t plugged it in. The power saving mode slows many things down. As long as the framerate is around 60+, your game will very likely run smoothly.

I hope this helped. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that. Just that he mentioned laptop during the video. Mine is plugged in, but you’re right my settings probably aren’t set to maximum as I always prefer the middle level. I was just curious what type of super rig you guys were using :slight_smile:

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When did he say that? Could you please point me to the minute? Maybe he does use a laptop but I doubt that his device has got any fancy GPU that is more powerful than the best GPU you could get for a PC. On a “normal” computer, it is not uncommon to see a fps value around 1000-1200 if you create a new project which does not contain much (yet).

However, as aforementioned, the fps values in the stats window are not accurate, and it is not recommended to rely on them. We mainly use that window to estimate the general performance of our game. If the fps value is always significantly below 40-60 and the game preview in the Unity editor extremely laggy (being a bit laggy is normal), then we know that there is very likely a problem with the game.

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Oh I see what happened, he did say computer and then mentioned that it’s better than what he used to get on his old laptop - so I heard the laptop bit and thought that’s what he was using. Regardless of whether he’s using a laptop or desktop, I was just curious as to what rig you guys are using as my project is at the same level of complexity and items as what’s in the video. I’m not concerned about the actual fps for a game or project just wanted to know what specs are being used for the machine.

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I use a laptop with an integrated GPU 🥲🥲. Anyways, I’ve got an Avita Pura.


Processor: Ryzen 5 3500u
GPU: Radeon Vega 8
RAM: 8 gigs
SSD: 512GB internal SSD

But I’m still able to get 60+ FPS while charging. Which happens as expected.
But sooner or later, I’ll have my beast ready to run unreal butter-smooth :sunglasses: :sunglasses:. I hope that one day, every dev can get a good PC to make their amazing ideas cometrue!

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