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Interesting quick video, thanks.

Had a read through all the links provided, and was just a quick refresher reading up on ‘orientation and handedness’, as I still remembered it from school days (haha,I’m getting old).

Quickly working through the Unity Scripting for ‘Time.deltaTime’ it made perfect sense, pretty sure I understand what the aim is and how it will affect the movement/rotation.

One thing I found interesting, and would like to question, is the following:
In the video we did the movement by using ‘Vector3.forward’, and when asked how we would turn the other way (for button ‘D’), I paused, and naturally used ‘Vector3.back’ - which worked perfectly. I then noticed when I unpaused, that Ben’s example used ‘-Vector3.forward’, which I totally understand.

  • My only question is…would there be any specific reason where one or the other (either -Vector3.forward or Vector3.back) would be better than the other, or in this case, would it not matter?

Thanks guys, have a great one, hope somebody has some insights for me :wink:

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I had the same doubt about “forward” and “back”.

Then I created a movement using up and down arrows to make the rocket go back and forward using “Vector3.right” and “-Vector3.right”.

It worked fine, but I wonder why not use “Vector3.right” and “Vector3.left” here too.

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