What is the best SSD size for Unity and GIMP courses?


I am currently taking both the GIMP and the Unity 2D courses. Right now, I’m searching for an SSD which I will use primarily for the courses and any additional study work.

What size SSD would be best suited for this?



That depends on your budget. Two SDDs with 1 TB each should be sufficient for now and for future projects. Alternatively, buy two with 500 GB. That should be sufficient for now, especially if you don’t download everything you see on the internet and occasionally delete things you don’t need anymore.

You could also buy a cheap HDD where you could store files that you don’t need so often such as pictures, books and so on. While the HDD is fairly slow compared to SDDs, you certainly don’t need “high speed” for everything all the time.

Also please feel free to ask our helpful community of students for advice over on our Discord chat server.

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