What I think would help solve simulation errors

  1. Server Checkpoints
    The authority could have a timer every second that sends the transform of the actors to the clients.
    This will cause popping / teleporting for the player and remote players.

  2. Autonomous Checkpoints
    Autonomous Role Actors send their transforms to all the clients.
    This would fix player popping, but would allow cheating, because the client can say where they are located. And it wouldn’t fix remote popping.

  3. Validated non-authority Checkpoints.
    Allow non authorities to suggest to the server where they should be by sending an array of integrations history since the last checkpoint. The server quickly validates each element of the array. So cheating doesn’t work. But there will be a lot of extra network traffic, and server compute.

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Awesome thinking! Have you considered how network delay would affect these approaches? Would it be possible to control the vehicle in the case of high lag?

I like #2, but I don’t understand what we have meant by cheating. Wouldn’t a potential cheater need to mod the code of the game to be able to send transforms in that way?

#3 sounds cool, but I think it would slow down every aspect of the game, especially with fast paced games or games with a lot of movement

Yes, but cheating does usually mean modding the game.

I think I got it. Then would I be right to say that it wouldn’t matter if the cheater changed validate methods, because those methods would not be modded on the server, and that is the authority?

Exactly. Validate is a method run on the server to ensure that the client isn’t trying to cheat.

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