What features are you most excited about?

What features are you most excited about? Let me know below.

Most excited about? All of it! It will be great to be able to interact more with the enemies. Also, the different sorts of behaviours are so commonly used in most games it’ll be good to learn how to do them, and then see if we can tweak them even further. :slight_smile:

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How to make a decent quest system with editor so we can add/change things. I made a terrible one. Ive bought a complicated one, but there has to be a middle ground for basic but easy to use…

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Not for this section but will be in part 2

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Im most excited about the UI & stats

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Dear Sam and Rick

On your videos you use extract method which looks really useful, but my visual studio code is not giving me the option to refactor my code

Thanks in advance

And I am most excited about having an actual fight scene where the enemy fight back

Inventory management and quest system are what I am most looking forward to. Sadly, I think they are both in Part 2, so it’ll be a bit of a wait for me. Although I just started the new RPG content, so hopefully Part 2 will be in release mode when I finish the Part 1 new content (est. 1.5 month). I made it thru most of the original content earlier this year, and can say that I like the new content a bit better so far.

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Check the View -> Output -> OmniSharp Log from the dropdown. If that’s giving errors you probably don’t have the dotNET SDK installed. You can find an instructional text lecture in the course about installing it.

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