What else would you like to see in the git course?

So, what else would you like to see in the course?

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Hello Ben,

I can say that getting the /.gitignore to work was a real pain in the ass! This is not due to the course but the subject matter itself. If you search Stack Overflow or Cplusplus.com there are several discussions on the subject. The issue I had is that a gitignore will not affect anything that has already been uploaded as you mentioned but with VS you can’t create to a non-empty folder which means you can’t commit the initial .gitignore as this creates a master branch. Anyhow I’m positive there is an easier way than how I did it.

I think a few things may help. First I think it should be strongly recommended that people take the Github starter course which is amazing, quick and painless. This has the additional effect of teaching us that the answers are “out there” but we have to search for them. I was already using GitHub with Visual Studio 2019 but had never used a .gitignore. Understanding Git I think is fundamental to understand this novel and strange but extremely useful tool. The comments section alone indicates that many people do not understand the importance and utility of this tool by their willingness to forgo a little pain now for a lot more pain later by simply skipping it.

Also I think that there should be instructions for how to clear the git cache as it is very likely many people commit the entire contents accidentally either now or in some other project and it will serve us well to know how to do this in the future regardless. I eventually found this gem which brought my blood pressure back down to normal levels. I still cleared the entire Solution and UE4 project files and did it all over the right way just to make sure but it was not intuitive (with VS2019). TBH I think it would be more efficient to upload everything directly, make an appropriate gitignore then clear cache but that is your forte not mine.

Finally I think that there should be a tutorial on how nice it is to be able to reload from a previous save and how to make a new branch before course 98. Unreal’s Class System. In the comments section several people did Bad Things™ and my first idea was to say “Just get your last version and carry on!” but they were working on the master and I’m sure a few had to redo it all. I think it would be a perfect time to get the warm fuzzy safe feeling of knowing you have a safe version right there no matter what happens. Walk them through a save, make some changes then do something horrible to their code. Then have them reload from a happy place! Many people will lose entire projects before they learn this lesson.

Hope this wasn’t too long. I am loving the course, it really is amazing.

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Thank you so much for this feedback.

I think if we get a lot of demand for Unreal specific content, that myself or maybe @sampattuzzi (as he uses a PC and I can’t run Unreal in my Virtual Machines) may add a future section on Unreal.

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I don’t know if it’s in the scope of the course or not, but maybe a few words about tagging and releasing.

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Ah yes, a little outside scope I think but thanks. I’ll refer to this thread if and when I add to the course in the future.