What do you think?


This works out nicely. As the forum starts to get filled up with replies, it is a good way to tackle common questions or issues.

Keep up the good work!


Your informal hangout lowered my anxiety caused by taking this course. Keep it up!


This format is nice. How do we reach Brian, there are a few of them on the forum, not sure what is exact nick name.


Hello everyone. Just starting Unreal Engine Developer Course.

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Hi all, Iā€™m new to the course also. First day in and the instructor hangout is a great add! Absolutely no issues so far and super excited to keep learning. :fire:


I saw a post from @Brian_Perry providing some linux advise. Hope that helps.

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Can someone help me walk through linux setup for unreal if not someone who know it ?

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I may be able to help you. It was a pain in the butt when I started to do it but it maybe easier now.


Buddy thank you but I what context are we talking about here ?
Because I have seem to forgot about it


Really like the hangouts, well done.


Really like the hangout. Your courses are awesome! Keep it up, please !


Linux setup with Unreal Engine right?


I am not getting alerts when someone tags me so just PM me if you are still interested in getting Unreal Engine working on Linux.


Yes, I like the format as it is.


Yes . It is a good idea .

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I am glad to see such an impressive format. Thanks


Sure , and thank you for such a nice course structure, keep it going.