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Hello. I like the way the lectures are laid out and love how you guys are trying to make into a community thing which is great. I definitely would like to see more videos like these at the end of the quizzes. Only thing I wanted to touch on is that there isn’t a win32 console application when I downloaded VS 2017. I did it as the video say by clicking on the to develop games using C++ and checking on the windows 8.1 SDK and Unreal installer. There is however a windows console application which I’m assuming is the same thing.

Have a good day everyone.


We likey! It’s nice to see you guys around the course, and the joking around seems to help student morale.


I really liked the hangout session! Please record one after every quiz!


A very nice touch. I look forward to seeing them in the future.:+1:


Really love this idea! One request though… can Sam wear a non-white shirt next time, as watching Ben talk to a floating head is very disconcerting :joy:


I liked the hangout a lot. It definitely helps address questions that one may not be able to find or even think of themselves.


Thank you @ben & the team! :grinning:


You’re welcome!


I like the hangout, keep up the good work.


Am liking the format. I may be a bit late, But am excited to see what I can learn.


Good Format , very helpful.


I freaking love it as it is a cool way of relaxing after hard work for all of us, instructors and students. Big THUMPS UP!!!


hey guys, really loving the direction this course is leading me towards. I have a somewhat understanding of the Unity Engine and see the similarities between the two. I really want to become a Indie Game developer( so anyone out there with the same goal should really get in touch!) and the instructor is giving me the drive to fully pursue this. the quizzes are refreshing! looking forward to the next section of the course. I’m a beginner at coding and the Unreal Engine so I’m taking every course seriously. I also have Ben’s C# Unity course i purchased, looking forward to diving in on that one right completing the entire Unreal course. thanks again guys!


Love the after quiz wrap up. Very nice touch.



Yeah, this was awesome! Definitely, do this, I also love the fact that you guys left in the “awkward paws” part - that was a nice touch to making things friendly.


So far I am really enjoying all of this.


Great format, keep them coming :slight_smile:


Just start the course and is so awesome.
And hi Im from Puerto Rico, hope to make some friend.


I definitely like this format. Thank you guys for the extra time to add it. I don’t really have a super good reason, but I do enjoy it. Plus, I just installed momentum because of it. So, thanks for that as well. lol


I like it, keep it going thanks.