What do you think?

So guys, what do you think of this format of video? Would you like us to record one after every quiz?


Really like the hangout very much!!! Please do more in all your courses even!


Awesome, thanks for the feedback. @sampattuzzi will be glad to hear this.

We likey!
I like the informal chat round up after the quizzes.
It gives the course a more personal touch that is missing in most online courses.
Thanks again for the material!

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Definitely. This is a really nice feature, and one I haven’t seen on any online courses before. Very cool! :slight_smile:

I would say yes, definitely. I certainly like, and I’m grateful for it. It gives it a personal touch, and it helps to iron out some of the wrinkles that pop in form time to time.

Give us more! :smiley:

Looks Good!

Awesome format, keep doing it.

I really appreciate the atmosphere you have tried to bring to course. I’ve watch a number of lectures from other course and Microsoft Virtual Academy and could barely sit through them. Your style I think will make things much easy for me to not loose focus.

Very helpful, a great addition

I like it, very useful and helps explain a few things I had questions on.

Completely agree :slight_smile:

Very nice to have these informal discussions at the end, great way to cover common questions.


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I like these! They create a connection between instructor and student. Please do more of them!

Personally didn’t need any of the things discussed, but its a very nice feature.

Hi Mr. Tristem, I’m a newbie here and I really like your videos but I have a little bit problem. My English is not my first language so sometimes I don’t really understand what you are saying. I hope you have a subtitle for each your video. Thank you for this course

We likey

I think the hangout is good!
It gives a chance to address and summarize questions, and interesting topics that come up. I look forward to more of them.

I like the informal roundups, the personal touch is an excellent factor in these online courses.
It makes everything feel more substantial and less like a slog when you know there are real people with a passion for the course behind it all, not to mention it’s just great to see the common questions getting directly addressed.

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