The cow was fun. Here’s the well



Decent colour, rotator, and bucket. Your shingles and bricks are spread out “well”. The colour palette is not flashy, but I find it rather nice.

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Thank you @Zangk, I appreciate your honest critique :pray:

EDIT: Also, haha, nice

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Whew, you caught my pun :), what I mean about being spread out “well” is that your shingles and bricks are offset, which is very good. Water won’t get through the roof, nor the bricks fall over.

I forgot to mention your axis. Your cylinder was a good and practical addition. My first well did not have this feature.

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Nice well, fancy multi handled winder.

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How long since your first well?

I only wish I knew how to add some rope but I’m sure that’s coming up soon.

Technically not all that long ago: Jan.23 of this year.

Here it is: NoeWell
It turned into this, then this.

Making Rope:

I am almost done with the bowling Ball and Pin tutorial and so far no rope. But if you want, just do what I did: Use Torus meshes.

Make the torus thin and then break it up and change the shape as you need. You can also use the snap tool to help hug the vertices of your “rope” to the axis of your well and attack your bucket to the end.

To make it look like you tied rope to your bucket handle, simply throw in a multitudes of torus shapes going into each other. Here are some examples of what I did:

  1. Spanish Conversion: rope to help haul up the cross.
  2. Mr. McTaggard And His Invention: the torus rope is holding up the robot and the lamps in that scene.

Have a try and experiment a little. There are probably better methods, but at this level you simply use the tools you were given and try to do the best you can. Some people come up with some interesting things even with these basics.

Aah that’s an excellent idea! I’ll give that a go next time I’m “on the ropes”.

Really enjoying your work. Thanks for sharing.

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Sometimes we get “tied up” thinking that something is more complex, roping off the simple answer. I am glad that the links above helped untangle that knot for you. :+1:

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