Welcome to the Unity Section 1 sub-forum

Introduce yourself and enjoy :slight_smile:


Hi there,

My name is Kevin, I live in Montreal, Canada and I’m studying communication science. I’m a gamer, mostly RTS, RPG and narrative games. I can say that I’m in love with new tech in general and how they change and will change the world as we know it. And I think that being a part of the video games developers community is like participating in this big change.

So here I am !


Hello Everyone!
My name is João Dalvi (or just Johnny), and I`m from Brazil.

I`m 25 and I had almost no experience with programming before entering the unity course, although programming seems to come very naturally for me, I’m liking it a lot. I’ve a degree in business administration and I’ve been working for my father and helping him with the administration of his company since I was 14 years old.

I always loved to play games. I also like to design things since drawing is a hobby for me, I have experience with Sketchup (over 7 years) and I`ve seen a bit of Blender as well.

Now I’m studying game development, I’ve started with Ben`s Unity course and after that I’ll study his blender course as well, along with some others courses as Inkscape and gimp from other instructors. My goal is to start an Indie game development company and start producing different and challenging games for the mobile market, and from there on. I know that it’s not an easy road, but that’s my dream and I’m going after it. Would be awesome to find a couple of partners along the road =)

Nice to meet you all!


I’m Sophie Proud, freshly graduated high school, and I will be starting university in September. Since I will be studying Computer Science, I decided to get a head-start and learn something that will get me closer to working on the next Ori and the Blind Forest. Proud member of the PC Master Race!
Contrary to probably most people coming here, programming isn’t my absolute dream job, though it does intrigue and the coding I did in school got the wheels in my head turning. And I was hooked. I hope to become a movie director some day, but I think working for CD Projekt Red wouldn’t be that bad. :)) So here I am, eager to learn, and wishing everybody else good luck studying and creating awesome games to sell on Steam!


Hello from Vancouver BC Canada!

I am a 25 year old life long gamer who is very interested in the creation aspect of games mostly to do with music and sound design.
I have loved games and audio my entire life and know that this is something i want to do for the rest of my life and just needed to get myself out there and working!

I am eager to begin and start working towards a dream career of mine!

David D’Agostino



My name is Ajay. I am a sophomore in high school. I live in Kansas and I used to make games with gamemaker studio. Wanted to make 3d games so thought of learning unity


Hello all,

My name is Jon. I live in Madison, Wisconsin and I work as a graphic and web designer. I’ve been a gamer since I was a small child and I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making them. I started going to school for it but the course load was so large that I had to abandon it in order to pursue other interests and passions. Now that I’m a college graduate with much more free time on my hands I thought I would ease my way back into it.


Hi, this is Mahi from Bangladesh, just enrolled the course “Complete Unity Developer”. I think and hope, this will be helpful and useful for me.


Hi everyone! I’m Josh, Looking forward to getting to know you all better, I just started this course on Udemy can’t wait to start learning and creating :slight_smile:

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Hi Josh! Good luck with the course man! I just signed up as well and am pumped to get underway.


Hello everybody, my name is Paul I’m completely new to the programming world and very excited to start creating!!!


Welcome Josh!!
Looking forward to see the games that you will be doing, make sure to keep being a active user here in the forum, it is very good to have people sharing ideas and doubts, everyone benefits from it.

Hi all! Looking forward to this course a bunch. I just signed up on Udemy and figured I’d start off with an introduction. My name’s Chad, I’m from the USA but am currently working and living in the UK. I’ve always been super passionate about gaming in the sense that it’s inspired a lot of my creative endeavors. I intend to further my involvement in the gaming culture by becoming a developer. This course looked like the perfect place to start off. If I can help with any questions I encounter with what I learn along the way, or I can find the answer with a little bit of research I’ll be happy to contribute to this course in any way I can. I hope you all have a positive and productive experience here.



Hey @Chad, welcome to the course and to the forum!!

Congratulations, you have chosen an very good course and community to start off! looking forward to see the games that you will be doing.

Best Regards,

Johnny Dalvi

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Hi everyone! I’m Karyn, a creative writer and editor. I already work in indie game development as Black Uhlan Studios’ writer/editor, but love game design and must now expand my skills in Unity. Looking forward to getting to know a bunch of you and creating some wicked games to buff the portfolio!

May the Force be with you.



Just signed up for the Unity/VR training programs & wanted to take a second to introduce myself on the forums.

Thanks in advance for any helping hands along the way - Jess


Hello everyone, my name is Shawn. I’m a complete newcomer when it comes to programming in any language, and no experience in game development with a game engine; but I hope to change this over the next several months to develop the basic knowledge and skills required to begin game development. I have a very strong interest in virtual reality, having followed Oculus’ progression as a company since the Crystal Cove prototype was unveiled at CES 2014; through this interest I’ve gained a desire to bring a game/experience concept I’ve had in my mind to fruition over the succeeding years. If anyone has any interest in VR or questions in regards to VR technology, I’d be happy to chill and discuss or assist in any way!

I’m looking forward to working together with all of you over the coming months!


Hi. My name is Chris. I’m an American living and working in Nanjing, China.

I started my career as a Fortran 77 application programmer (a skill that sadly reveals my age). My career took a management path in the automotive lighting field. I’ve dabbled from time to time with software development, teaching myself Basic, VB and C+. I never lost the joy of programming.

Now I have an application idea made possible by recent developments in VR. I purchased an Oculus, which took quite a lot of coordination to get it to China. I want to learn enough about VR development to be able to lead a small team to make this new dream come true.

It seems my career could be headed full circle and I’m looking forward to the adventure and getting to know some of you in the process.



Hello! My name name is Cody. I live in the Southern parts of the United States. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be in game development, but for the longest time thought that was an impossible or unrealistic goal. Now I want to give game development a try and at least make games as a hobby. I have a side objective in this to learn programming and maybe pursue a career with that new skill set.

At the point of writing this, I have no real experience in programming or game development. I hope to change that with this course! Currently the strongest skill I have is my writing ability. I have always made stories whenever my mind would wander, and that was often! I always wanted to transfer those abundant tales into games so I have a strong interest in RPGs and the like.

I hope to make that dream come true. At the very least I’ll learn something new and exciting.


Hey there.

I’m Pir, and I’m a gamer. :wink: I grew up in Europe, traveled some of the world, and now live on Vancouver Island, Canada.

I’ve worked as a programmer for many years, mostly developing software for computer-based education. Since I am approaching retirement age, I’ve decided to stop waiting for other people to make the games I like to play, and give it a try myself. I’ve been experimenting with Unity for a couple of weeks, and while I’m used to teaching myself, I get too easily pulled away by other demands on my time. So I’ve decided I’ll make more progress if I follow an actual paid course and interact with other people who have similar goals. C# and object-oriented programming in general is new to me.

Nice to meet y’all!