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Hi Sam
I have not signed up yet for the Certification exam. I plan to take it early next year 2017. So I am practicing and learning and pacing myself with plenty of time to absorb it all. Thank you for this comprehensive course.

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My name is Veronica and I just started the course today.
I am looking forward to learning more about Unity 3D.



My name is Juba and I plan to be a creative director for VR - content acquisition & development.

I would like to eventually create some of the most dynamic and immersive worlds, using Haptic technology, 360 stereoscopic film and 3D compositing.

I have started writing a few scripts (both programming and actual plots for environments) - with the intention of working with a VR company in the near future.

I plan on being an all around consultant for VR until I can earn the position of creative director.



Big dreams for the world of the VR. At this point I think the market is wide open for people such as yourself. I must say you picked a great starting point!


Sam. Thank you for the kind words.

Let me just say that I am absolutely loving your course. I just got to the part on variables - Lucky for me, I have been taking a Javascript course because I did know that in a way it does act as a pre-req for C#, or so I have read.

While I have your attention, I just wanted to ask, is there anything that you would suggest learning in the meantime?

Currently, I am enrolled in the following.

CAPM - certification in project managment
Codeacademy - Javascript
Udemy - VR classes

In my own time I do the research necessary to keep up with the trends, emerging software, hardware & distribution channels; as I used to trade the stock market, checking in on companies is something that I am used to doing, so it is just a habit at this point.

If you feel there are some things I could add to the list and increase my choices of landing a position as a Junior Producer, please let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from you .



I would suggest you go deep on these topics first then from there it will be much clearer what skills you need to fill out.


Hi all, this is my intro to the cert course.

I’ve been plodding away on the main unity course for a couple of months now, and had planned to do the cert course when I finished it, as a kind of refresher/extension of my knowledge. Then I noticed how difficult it was to find a place to take the exam until online proctoring comes out and kind of forgot about it lol.

Last month I noticed that the Unite conference is coming to Melbourne on Halloween and it seemed like a good event to attend to see what others are doing, find out what’s new, etc. and I noticed there was a certification exam that evening… so here I am, one month away studying for the exam :slight_smile:

My motivations are mostly just to push myself to do it to improve my unity foundation, particularly in areas I’m less familiar with like 3D and sound. I hope to pass obviously, but actually just having a deadline I have to work and study towards is my major reason for doing it…

… and the T-Shirt :wink:


The t-shirt is a big plus! But this certification really is great at filling out your knowledge of Unity. I found when I first had to do it that it pushed me into areas I was really uncomfortable with at first. Hopefully I have made them more fun now to learn.


Really Loving the cert course Sam, thank you for taking the time :smiley:


Hi All,

I am Anurag Sen from India, Just enrolled @UnitiyCertification.

Feeling Excited to complete it ASAP and with Good Grades.

Anurag sen


Welcome! We have helped many like you get through the exam so just keep active here in the forums and we can’t wait to hear your success story :wink:

What background do you have in Unity so far?


Hey everyone,

I’m Chris (short for christiaan, a name that does poorly in english, in my opinion) currently working as a webdev and looking to branch out.

This is step 1 of many :slight_smile:

o/ <— (that’s a wave)


Welcome Chris. I came from a web dev background too. I think you will find it interesting.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Bilal. I’ve been a Unity developer for over 3 years now. I’m taking this course to fill any gaps I may not know about in Unity so that I can pass the Unity Certification program.


Hello all trying to learn more about artist verses developer certification levels. Looking forward to development in VR/AR/MR. wwww.ihaverobots.com



I have no experience in game development, but I’ve always been passionate about learning and playing video games! So naturally, I thought it beneficial for me to bridge the two together and work to become a certified Unity developer. I know it’s a long journey, but I look forward to the experience and people I’ll meet along the way. Thanks again for the class!


Hello everyone,

I graduated with a BFA in Media Arts & Animation. I belong to a HoloLens group in my city and would like to become more immersed with my knowledge of Unity. From arch/viz design to VR/AR/Game development, Unity has proven to be a common tool used in the industry. To me, a certification shows that you’re serious about your work. I intend to show that in early 2017 to future employers.

Thank you for this learning resource! I hope to continue to post and learn from the experiences in this forum and from the course content. Good luck to all in the program!



So excited to have found this course! I don’t have any developer experience and was looking for something just like this as a place to start. I’m taking this course for fun at the moment, but will definitely be looking into creating my own games or careers once I’ve gained some experience! I love video games and virtual reality as well as photography, videography, and editing, so thinking this may be right up my alley :slight_smile:


Greetings all! It’s a pleasure to be a part of such a motivated and merry crew.

I am a hobbyist game designer aspiring to enter the game industry. I am interested in all aspects of game development, with special mentions to design and development. I saw this course as an excellent opportunity to get a broad introduction into Unity, with hopes of improving my development skills.

Check out my illustration works at Artstation:

Some videos of a prototype game project I’ve worked on before (done in Stencyl, hoping to port to Unity):

It’s a pleasure meeting all of you! Good luck with the course and with the certification! :slight_smile: