Welcome to the Course!



Hey, everyone!

My name is Onur; I’m from Turkey and I’ve recently started to learn Unity. I’ve always wanted to make games but it took me 20 years, an engineering degree, a marriage and three kids to realize that if I don’t start from any point, I won’t be making anything. :smiley: So here I am, learning Unity at a very strong pace and preparing for the Certification Exam to set a goal for myself. Cheers! :slight_smile:


Hey there,
I´m Gonzalo, from Spain, and this is going to be my first udemy course ever. Let´s see where does it take me :slight_smile: Also I´m here to improve my english, since I´m taking the CAE exam and for me there is no better way to practicisng than learning other interesting topics.
See you all around soon :wink:


Hi All,

I’m Stephen from England. I don’t plan on using 3D extensively, or becoming a master at it (because I really can’t).
I bought this course to compliment the Unity course I am currently using. I’m not far from the 3D section, and when I get there, I’d like to be able to make simple 3D models myself to use in my games. I like to make my own assets, even if they are a bit rubbish, but primarily, I’m a programmer.
See you around :slight_smile:


I’m Luca from Italy.
My job is software architect in IT projects for public administration, but I like to mess with gaming and always wanted to learn Blender and Unity.
I pledged on the last Kickstarter campaign so here I am :smile:
I think that these sort of tools have an hidden potential for programmers and I hope that using that skill could help out on some procedural tricks for reaching some more complex targets.

My only problem is time since this is a “spare time project” and my spare time is getting thinner due to family and work.
Will try to get in touch as much as possible.
See you.



My name is Sharmarke Alisalad and I love video games! :grin: Becoming a game designer has been my #1 goal since childhood. I’m a student at University of Baltimore currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree and in a few weeks, this will be my last semester. My main focus in game design are level design and 3D modelling because I would love to create a world from my imagination. I also have some experience in 2D art and programming which isn’t that great. I used multiple languages specifically C++, C#, and Java and decided to stick with C# since its easier to use. Again my programming skills aren’t that great. I’ve been using Unity the most for class projects.

This will be my first Udemy course (which I already started) and I won’t be taking the exam in the next few months, between April-May. I’m only taking one course for the spring semester so time management shouldn’t be a problem. I’m looking forward on taking this wonderful online course.


Hey all might be a little late to the game but am looking forward to finishing this course by mid March and taking the Unity certification exam by summer this year. I live in the United States.

Honestly I am 28 years old and a sound engineer, looking to take the step away from my 9-5 (not sound related at the moment) and immerse myself in location audio recording and sound design for media/games. Specifically I have a goal of becoming either a go-to freelance audio designer for the Baltimore area, or having a full time position in audio design by middle of 2018. I am just really starting to climb the hill of making it a full time position for myself, but want to take any opportunity to reach it. SO. In my ‘spare time’ and to make myself more marketable, I will need to understand the infrastructure of one of the most popular game engines and my role as a sound designer in it.

Looking forward to learning


Hi All,

My name is Douglas. I am from Malaysia. I was a professional Software Engineer, Architect and Manager for over 27 years. One of the thing that I’ve always wanted to do is games development in which my normal daily job does not give me the opportunity to do so. Well, as they say, you’ve got to start somewhere sometime.

An advantage I have is that I am also a certified musician. I played the Yamaha Electone, piano, Native American Flute, Chinese Flute (Te) and I do music synthesis.

So here I am to finally realise my dream.



Hello everyone,

My name is Sergio and I graduated in computers science about a year ago, since then I’ve been working as a mobile apps developer. My spare time is mostly spent on games, either playing them or making them.

I bought this course some months ago but this week they’ve finally announced that a certification event is going to be held up at my country. My deadline is on June 9 , so I’ll be aiming for that, I’m eager to get my certification in unity, it’ll definitely help me to get more involved in the game industry.



I am Giulia from Italy, I’m a phd student in computer science and I have always been interested in computer graphics, animation and videogames development.
In the past few months I have played a little bit with Unity and Blender, but now I have decided it is time to take it more seriously and subscribed to this course. Given the deadlines with my phd I don’t think I will be able to take the exam before autumn 2017 (also I don’t know if it will be easy to find an event close enough to me to join), but I wanted to start to “be a part of the community” as soon as possible



I’m Eduardo from Brazil, and i’m currently graduating in computer science and looking for a job. Games have always been a passion of mine, but I’ve only started to look at it from a developer’s view very recently, and decided to take a risk trying to learn Unity and get working with game development soon. Although I have little experience on developing games, I hope this course and others individual study materials I have will get me on the right foot for this.

Well, that’s it, thanks for having me!


Hello, My name is Scott. I am a game dev student in my last semester and want to learn Unity to create games on my own when I graduate and also begin my own independent studio. I have 10 years of Corporate management experience and am changing careers to what I love. Games.


Hello to Everyone,
I’m Maurizio from Italy, an inverntor…ops, engineer working in control system field.
I’m happy to start this course because I like to try and experiment different envirnments, especially in Computer Science. Actually I’m starting from the scratch, and I hope I will improve my skills in this area … and maybe being able to share something to the community :slight_smile:
My happyness comes from the knowledge!


Hi ! my name is Felipe
And this year 2017 I’ll go dedicated dive into Unity course.
I started the course today and I hope to learn much more about Unity 3D.

Thanks a lot.
Felipe Santolim


Hi everyone, my name is Robbyn. I have been using Unity since 2007 and thought I knew it but I took the test and it made me realize that this engine is way more in depth than I thought. So, I want to make sure I pass the cert this time. I got my degree in game art and design. I am a disable veteran whom went back to school because the VA vocational rehabilitation program suggested that I get certified in programming. So now I am certified in C++, html5 and Systems Programming. I am passionate about development but it has been hard to find sustainable work. So I am going to put my nose the grind stone and get this cert. and the other two Unity gameplay programmer cert and artist cert. This way no one can’t tell me I don’t know what I am talking about because will have learned the entirety of what Unity can do.