Weird texture behavior // Criss-cross

Hi Fellows

I have a quick need for help.
When following the instructions for creating a box projection with a pbr from I get this weird surface texture.

I did everything like before. Setup with Strg+Shift+T with the node wrangler to load all the textures of the pbr. Then put the noodle from Object to Vector, changed every texture to box-projection and even added a blend.
Before using the box it seems to be the right texture. It looks like its double added criss-cross.
It’s not possible to scale that out or win by rotating, it’s just awry

Does anybody has a tip for me?
Thanks in advance

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Check the normal map is set to non colour data.
Try Generated rather than Object or check rotation and scale have been applied.


Problem with Displacement Map - #5 by Solitar86

Making me wonder if it is that particular texture for some reason.

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For me this happened with several textures. I’m beginning to think it’s a bug with Blender

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Change the scale in the displacement to zero.
Alternatively 0.1 and 0.2 strength on the normal map node. Just about ok, there is some of the effect but not too noticeable.

Spent some hours experimenting. It did it to the texture I used too.
Not sure about the logic of the scale in the displacement node. However, that put to zero solves it. Midlevel seems not to be involved, or do anything. But there is some relationship or cross use effect with the normal map node.

The problem is I suspect almost no one uses box project, I never have. UVs are standard and normal, easy. It must have its uses in some of these simple game based LP stuff for Grant to be doing it though.

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Can you point us to the texture you’ve downloaded? Not just the website.

Normal map is set to non-color data

When I change the displacement to scale 0 it works. I’m not enough into the matera to know why but it works fine - thank you for your help
Maybe it will bring the use of the displacement to 0 as well in the latter but I will see. Right now I have a litte space to experiment between 0 and 0.1 before it gets disturbed. Maybe some tests with the normal node will bring some success, I’ll see.

Btw. I used this pbr: Limestone 5 PBR Material – Free PBR Materials

Thank you all for your help, now I’m able to continue with the course.
Have a nice evening all!