Weight Paint ... Man dont turn Pink

When I click on Transform Bone with CRTL SH Lmb it doesent turn Man Pink … It colours the upper arm bone ?

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This is called “Weight painting”. It has nothing to do with coloring (material design) of the puppet. The color means:

  • Blue (cold) area of no bone influence
  • Red (hot) area, 100% bone influence

If you select The heel bone attachment according to the tutorial the entire figure is supposed to change to a "pink " colour … not weight paint ?- … To move the object and see results of painting on object ? It worked twice over the course of several hours but then it went back to the weight painting colours and was not reapeatable

It sounds like you’re referring to the overlay for non-deforming bones, which shows that weight paint doesn’t apply to those bones. There was a topic about this issue some time ago; read through this:

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Ok … Thanks … Ill take a look …

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