WayPoint Curcuit unity 2020

I know this has been asked alot, because i went through most topics.
after importing standart asset pack 2017.3
i got 2 errors that were resolved using this

but resolving these error( mostly unity warning me that parts of these scripts are now obsolete and should be changed) drags me down a deep rabbit hole of altering alot of scripts

I think that some of these scripts are now obsolete and new methods, headers etc should be implemented instead.
Thank you in advance for any advice

Hi @ Rkade_revival,

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If the Circuit asset is causing too much trouble, I would suggest to remove it. Watch the video without implementing the Circuit in your project. It’s just that one lecture. In a later lecture, Rick is going to replace the waypoints with a Timeline animation, so you will not miss anything crucial.

The only alternative is to fix the issues manually but that’s rather bothersome. What you could try is to remove the package and import only the parts you need (meaning the circuit assets) because some of the assets are heavily outdated. We do not use them in our project.

Did this help?

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