Way to reset progress?

Hi, I started the course a long time ago and I had to stop the course, and I’m afraid I’ve forgotten a lot of what I previously learned. Is there a way to reset the progress for the course so I can start over from the beginning? Thanks!

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I don’t see anyway to. Maybe try submitting a support request with udemy?

why don’t you just replay the lecture from the first video?

any particular reason to reset the progress?

@zimethsuki When you go into a Udemy course, it takes you straight to the first video you haven’t watched yet. If it were just a few videos, I could just go back and rewatch a few videos, but with the sheer number of videos to go through, it’d be easier if I could just tell it to start over from the beginning and track my progress from what I’ve watched this time around, not from what I’ve ever watched.

oh i see. Its indeed easier to track your current progress that way.

As for the reset, there is no way that i know about. i agree with chris, try to submit a support request about the matter.

I contacted Udemy myself about this very issue and for the exact reason. I wanted to wipe the slate as it were so that I could see more easily where I had got to when I started again. The answer was that there was no way, at this time, to do this but they did suggest that I could always use the bookmarks functionality. It’s less than ideal but may help a bit.

Thanks for letting me know, Rob! I’ll have to look into that. I can actually see some advantages to that, because I can go through the videos that I watched previously all over again, but still keep track of how far I got the first time.

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Yeah, there are benefits to the bookmarks, and you can enter your own text, so handy little note etc… but like you, I really wanted to wipe away all of the filled/part filled blue progress icons on the left of each lecture so I could start a fresh and more easily see where I was…

Perhaps they’ll implement it in the future, although that might make their certificate of completion side of things a bit odd too.

I haven’t tested in the new version but in the old one you could mark lessons as unwatched.

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Sadly not on the current version @noise, clicking on the icon now is purely for playing the video. Can’t see anything else from the other options either.

@hypnometal, just as an update, in case you hadn’t seen, Udemy have now introduced this feature, see here. :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile:

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No problem Eric :slight_smile:

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