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Hey guys! I’m having some trouble. My first 3 waves spawn great but the additional waves I made (22 in all xD) are not spawning and the first 3 waves continue to loop over and over. Heres, my project! https://drive.google.com/open?id=11lzCxsqUaOTbnQwwubh_Wvjpw8vqcy07

Here is a link to the facebook discussion over it, any input would be greatly valued!



Are there any error messages in your console, for example, NullReferenceExceptions?

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The issue here is from facebook is that i think because hes using 2018.3 and the new prefabs system.
Then using 2019 beta.

Found the issues

Error on the line 16 is refering to the game session reset i think from memory and the spawner that is instantiated does not have the extra spawns he has set up in the video.


Hey guys so the issue happened to be that my enemy spawner prefab became corrupted somehow and after I replaced it with my saved source code, everything is working correctly, and oddly enough the master code from the course I built the game from had the same issue but if you are following along to the course just make sure to have all your needed prefabs in the game scene.


Glad to hear you got solved.
I was going to try to take another look today but unfortunately circumstances beyond my control meant i wasnt at my computer for most of the day. It was not avoidable unfortunately.

If you are not using any form of source control now might be the time to look into it.

A few people had some issues setting up source tree so i wrote a guide intended for local only but i then went and added how to set up online repos as well.

I recommend using gitlab rather than github as i showed in my examples as they allow private repositories but github only allow public for free, private you have to pay for.

Hope it helps as this can and has pulled my backside out of the fire when i thought all was lost :slight_smile:
I suggest finding a tutorial though on how to effectively use source tree or any alternative software you may consider (Personally i now use gitkraken but thats purely as it has a dark theme

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