Wat Will I Build?

My current ambition is to complete a project that I started (and then restarted with a better idea of ‘how’) a month ago. With the encouragement of my girlfriend, I’ve been working through Epic’s tutorials and a few I found on YouTube, so I’m relatively familiar with Unreal Engine and the editor.

Real-time session-based play is the best match for what I’m trying to do (an ‘arena brawler’ featuring robot characters, with a possible single-player story sometime down the road). I only foresee a few difficulties, most of which this course will help me overcome.

I hope, one day, to earn at least a small living from my foray into the programming world, but like the late Sir Terry Pratchett, I consider money to be an unavoidable consequence of, rather than the reason for, my work.

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I like your last sentence, I could recognize myself in it, also :slight_smile:

That last sentence speaks volumes. Really nice! and great that you have encouragement!

An arena brawler seems like a cool project and I can’t wait to see what you make! Cheers!

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