Wall jumping is enabled again somehow?


Hey I followed the course and the code added for player death, along with animation ofcourse.

Now however, when I test play, I noticed that my player can wall jump again aswell as walk through some of the foreground collisions (which have not been possible before).

So any clue as to why? I have not changed any code or added new, except for that in the course.



When exactly can the player walk through foreground colliders? You said the player died. What did you do then? Did you stop the game and started it again? Or was the game still running and you just reloaded the level?


Well I click play, and notice I can walk halfway through a “pillar” that I made with collision, in foreground (it have collided with the player earlier).

When I hit the enemy the player dies, so that works correctly, I can move or anything after the play have died. Tried stopping the game and starting it, wall jumpin and the pillar still broken.

Have not reloaded the level, and I don’t really know how.


If the issue persists when you restart the game, I’d recommend to rewatch lecture “Prevent Wall Jump” (currently #318) again. Maybe something went wrong when you tried to save the changes. Also make sure that your game is not running when you change something because when you stop the game, all changes will be undone by Unity.


Okey thanks, pretty sure wall jump didnt work before this lecture, then again this is a backup copy, so I will check it again, thanks for your advice!

Edit: Have you come across this issue in the course? Im using Unity verision 2018.3.3f1. Also any clue if it have something to do with prefabs? I have not prefabbed the cameras because when I do, I cant access them or add more if I want.

Edit2: double checked everything from “Prevent Wall Jump” #318 everything is in order. the friction stopped working aswell. It is attached to the player, but no change.


If you reverted your project to an ealier commit, it might be that uncommitted changes are causing the problem. Try to discard them if you do not need them anymore or make a commit if you want to keep them. Alternatively, stash them.

If you’ve never done this before, do not test this with your project. Instead, practise it with a test project. If in doubt, duplicate your project folder and save it on an USB stick (or somewhere else) as a backup.


Appears Rick made a misstep. clicked next video and there he explains how to get rid of it. I feel silly that I didn’t check that first before posting a question >-<


Don’t worry. I forgot that he fixed it in the next lecture because it has been a long while since I’ve watched it. If you hadn’t figured the solution out yourself and if stashing the uncommited changes had not fixed the issue either, I would have looked up the changes in Git.

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