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Hi, in the video when making the float, double, and bool your screen shows the squiggly underline because they have not been assigned.

I’m not getting that at all, I assume there is a way to turn this feature on? I just started this course so maybe I have a more recent version of VS Code that has this disabled by default?

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Same problem, idk! Did you ever get an answer?

Do they appear after you try to compile your code?


YOU’RE MY HERO Thank you!

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Thank you @Tuomo_T! I had this exact same issue, and the yellow underline popped up after compiling.

I am loving this course so far!

Glad I saw this reply. Are they only supposed to show up after you try to compile? Seems like it would be good to see before that.

Intellisense in VSCode is a little unreliable, so it’s good practice to read the output when you compile.

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It’s always good have this future turned on. (It’s a part of Intellisense)
Becouse… Why You want leave not used variable?
It’s warining - so maybe you want this variable in next part of lesson :slight_smile:

Please rember that when you’re declaring a variable you want reserved some of memory for storage this variable. So if you have supa computa you don’t bother as much as writing some program for raspberry or something which has limited memory space.

Warning should be display when you’re coding AND after compiling program.
If there is no warning when you’re coding thats mean you doesn’t have turned on intellisense or it’s not working perflectly :smiley:

Like Tuomo_T mantion - it’s always good to look for compiling output :slight_smile: