Visual studio or atom

Hi there, I’ve been going through your “complete C# Unity game developer 2D” course on Udemy (great course by the way!) and I got to the 3rd video “Your first code” when I created a new C# script, double clicked and it opened up on atom instead of visual studio which is what I had been hoping for.
So my question is how do I get unity to open C# scripts in visual studio instead of atom. And does it matter are the two different in any important way. Thanks

P.S working on mac. Specifically a late 2014 mac mini.

P.S 2.0 What I’ve done was open up the file in visual studio, I’m gonna continue from this but feedback would still be nice.


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Were you able to install Visual Studio? If so, you could select it as your External Script Editor in Unity (Edit > Preferences > External Tools). Did this work?

See also:

Yes! Thank you so much I’m pretty new to unity and would have never thought of this thanks. Having tried out each a bit last night I really prefer Visual Studio so thank you. I hope to be part of this community more. Thanks

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