Visual Studio Code Impressions

So, what do you think of your first glance at Visual Studio Code?

I use VS Code as my default code editor for Unity now. It’s so much faster to open, and the interface is cleaner and most of the features I need are there. I am not very familiar with the Unreal API, and the compile=>run workflow yet, so for for Unreal I’m still using VS Studio.

I’ve started to use it. Needs some getting use to.
Still on the fence about it.

I have use it for python , but not C++ yet.
In python everything is alright.
Will try see how it works when use for C++.

Ben Why switch to VS Code ? Is it better than Visual Studio ?

I’m struggling to compile but i’m learning a lot getting it to work.

The autocomplete is much faster, it’s cross-platform, it’s much smaller and lighter weight and finally it’s genuinely free to use.

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Thanks Ben ! That’s good news, I was struggling entire course coz autocomplete was slow for me in VS.

I’m willing to give VS Code a shot on both Linux and Windows but so far the auto complete/intellisense is giving me some odd suggestions. I might need to do more setup for UE4 projects to work correctly. All I did was install the C/C++ plugin and set the source editor to VS Code. I’m looking forward to the next lectures. However, VS Code could easily replace Atom(that I mainly use for web dev) on all platforms for me. Some very cool plugins and much much faster.

Hi Ben,

VS Code seems nice. Read some of the other comments in here and made me think about exploring its extensions marketplace for Unreal and other programming items, including OpenGL. Also haven’t yet seen the advantage yet of me personally using VSC. But I do see how you, Ben, want to get everyone to a common point of reference and Visual Studio, in its complete glory, may not be accessible to all, but VSC has enough cross platform reach that it would work for such a diverse audience.

Keep up the good work Ben! Thank you!

Unfortunately it doesn’t have resharper support :confused:

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I’m actually in love with VSC. It’s really fast, on my laptop I can feeling the difference with VS2017. Intellisense and Autocomplete are much fast and, for now, I’ve no more the problem that when I had a new include in the .h class, GENERATED_BODY just start to make error everywhere.

Actually my only problem is that all the code from UE is white.
I mean this:

I’ve no idea how I can have color for example on USceneComponent or on EAutoReceiveInput

#unreal:talk my version of Compiler: Microsoft ® C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 19.20.27508.1 for x86

definitely new to the whole visual code but I am looking forward to digging in and really learning how to master it

WOW! Visual Studio Code is really invasive!
The installation crashed my system and kept opening new Microsoft Documentation Tabs in Firefox without being prompted. The Snap doesn’t operate in Sandbox mode and now I know why.
I had to Turn off Telemetry and Crash Reporting to get my system stabilized.
I really wish there was another option to use for this course.
Can we please use Kdevelop, CodeBlocks or Geany?
Heck I’d even learn EMACS or GVIM over having VS Code Hijack my system unexpectedly.
Kinda bummed about this.

I’m eager to dig more into the Unreal/C++ course. Haven’t used this IDE before, but it looks clean. Also noticed there is a Python extension, so that should be interesting!

When I was taking the original course I was following along with Visual Studio Community. Visual Studio Code seems a lot more lightweight and easier to navigate, I’m excited to get to work in it.

It’s a little different than what I am used to (VS2017 & CodeBlocks) but I like it.
Super fast, super lightweight (this alone is enough for me to want to get used to it), with extensions and 100% free for any use is a huge plus.

Just use the regular version of VS

I think Visual Studio Code is a nice editor; however I am using Visual Studio for my editor as I have been using it for over a decade. I also have Github integrated into it.

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