Video broken on Udemy?

When I try to load the video on Udemy for the Stat Spreadsheet, the video does not load. I appear to be able to load the next video in this course, as well as videos in other courses, so I think it’s an issue with this specific lesson.

Hello @sybrid,

I can confirm that the video is there and is working (just checked).

Couple of things you could try, first, play the lecture but when the video player appears click on the cog icon (bottom right) and change the video quality. Drop it down to something really low, see if the video starts playing, then, change it back to something higher.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, also try clearing your temporary internet files and then re-launch the browser and try again.

In addition, try a different browser, so if using Firefox, use IE or Chrome. Sometimes that has made the difference for me in the past.

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