UV-Mapping ... but Not

I am modifying this exercise to fit my goals, can’t find the need for any such wall/window just now…

… but procedural wood! On the floor :smirk:

… and of course now the Shelf, table and bench looks like chipboard… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Looks good :thumbsup: The reflection is really nice.

I like playing on and off with textures, but you’re right when something looks extra nice that it brings down the quality of other things. I try to write down the steps I use to make some textures so they will match up in method later.

But, hopefully, my friend will take care of most of the textures in a project we’re working on because I hate dealing with it! :japanese_goblin:


You got a shot closer up to the instruments in the corner? That would be nice to see.

Not sure about the couch color though… :eyes: A dark leather might look better to me. Maybe with some wrinkles or aging marks.

Don’t forget the Disco Ball~ :confetti_ball: :sparkles: :man_dancing: :dancer:

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Oh, well. I love materials and textures. If you get stuck or find an interesting challenge, ping me :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jonas. I will let you know :slight_smile:

I don’t do too much with textures or materials within Blender other than mapping since the end result will be in Unreal Engine. I really just need to practice more in general with them.

That’s one reason I like to look at work like yours and the work of others. So thanks for sharing~

No problem…

… the table is work in progress…


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